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LP Next DVD Ideas??


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So... Today I was thinking about what the next live DVD would be about...


Because you gotta agree that RtR wasn't anything very exciting (basically the DSP audio similar to every other on the tour + video).

So I was wondering... What would make the next DVD unique?


My idea was of a special show with a symphonic Orchestra. How amazing would that be?

They could announce it, perform a earth-shaking one-time-only show with a orchestra and release it as CD + DVD (no DSP). That'd blow my mind.


Metallica's S&M and Scorpions' Moment of Glory (one of my faves of all time) are out there to prove my point.


The String Quartet confirms that pretty much every LP song goes well with strings... And they are just a quartet! Imagine LOATR, New Divide, even the heavy songs should be nice... BITS and TC would sound killer also...


So, this is my dream idea. How do you like it? What are yours?

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Yes, I've always wished LP would do something like this ever since Breaking The habit.


They could either play All their string songs in one set or they could go one step further and adapt and write completly new stuff for a whole orcestra akin to Metallica & Serj Tankian.


Whatever they'd choose, it would be epic.


Also, Elbow have done this aswell, where they played their new album back to back with live strings in tow.

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Wouldn't that be amazing? Even hard songs with strings would sound killer...


And as I said before... It'd blow my mind to hear TC (most epic ever) and BITS.


They really should get in touch with some badass orchestra to talk someday.

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