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Projekt Revolution 2008 East Troy Wisconsin


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Obviously everyone knows why this show was amazing. Not only was this my 3rd lp concert that i had been at in a year, but i got to go road tripping from minnesota with some of my friends. i was also lucky enough to get us pit tickets. well for whatever reason there werent many people in the pit so we were right on the baracade and werent getting pushed or anything. I was high fiving all of the bands and getting guitar pics and sweet pictues. then linkin park came out. the show opened up with No More Sorrow. on the second chorus when chester sings "your time is borrowed your time has come to be replaced" he sang that part while pointing at me. got to high five chester and again got some sweet pictures. and then chester and mike came out dressed up as guns and roses and performed sweet child o mine. greatest night of my life. here are some pics that i took



































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It was simply amazing! Here's my story: sorry if it gets to lengthy.


I saw that Linkin Park was coming to Wisconsin this year, and I told myself I had to go. This was the 2nd time since I was a LP fan that they came to Wisconsin. The first time was in 2004, and I didn't know it then. Someone on the LPU said they had 2 tickets to the show in East Troy, WI. He said that it was free. Email him if you would like the tickets. That was my golden opportunity.


I emailed him and said that I had never seen Linkin Park before, and they were playing in the state I live in. He could not go because of financial problems, and lives too far away. I was going to but the tickets if I didn't get them from him. He wrote back and told me he would gladly give them to me. I had 2 free tickets.


I wanted my best friend to go because he's a LP too, but his parents and mine would not let us go alone. I then wanted my brother to go with. His best friend picked me up 2 days before the concert. I spent a couple nights at my oldest brother's house with my nephews and nieces. The day of the concert, by other brother picked me up, and went to the store to buy some snacks. It was about an hour drive from the city my brother's live in.


When we got there, there was a ton of people tailgating. Reminded me of a football game. I was amazed at how many people were playing Linkin Park from their vehicles. I was searching through my bag and I had forgotten my camera back at home. MY brother brought his with, but was low on batteries. We sat in the back of his van and had something to drink before we went in.


The first band already started when we got there. I didn't care about seeing them. The two of us looked around, and saw the Monster Energy Drink truck, and all the people there. It was nice they gave free Monsters out. We both had the juiced one. Then we went to the NowWhat booth, and rolled a dice to see that we would get. My brother got a cell phone case while only got a wrist band. They also were taking free photos. We got ours taken.


We couldn't find our seats until 4:00 so we watched Atreyu on the Rev Stage for awhile. There were too many people in front of it, so we didn't stay there too long. I waited in line in the Merchandise booth to buy a copy of the live audio while my brother went to buy a beer for himself.


Time went by fast, and we then got to find out seats. My brother could not believe how good the seats were. Picture here. He said it was the best seat he ever had at a concert. At the other merch booth, my brother grabbed a couple brochures of the event for us.


Street Drum Corps then started. Their music was different and I liked it. The Bravery was good. I liked them. Chris Cornell was awesome! My brother didn't know who he was until he heard his music. He knew every song Cornell played but his new ones. He was so happy he got to see Cornell. When Linkin Park took stage, every single person was standing, and just about every seat was filled. When SDC took stage first, there were a lot of empty seats, and everyone was sitting until Chris Cornell dedicated a song to everyone who was standing.


I really liked SDC playing before LP, and on Bleed It Out. It made the show so amazing. I could not believe it, I was seeing Linkin Park for the first time in my home state. The kid next to me took my brochure earlier I put on the ground next to my chair. I told my brother and he said loudly "Who the fuck would steal a brochure?" I looked back later, and there it was. Must have put it back. That kid didn't even sing. Not a word.


Both of us were so happy, and the weather was great that day (82° and slight wind). We could have asked for anything better. I normally wear earplugs when I hear loud noises, but I decided I was fine and didn't need them. After the show, I went to the merch booth and bough a Projekt Rev T-shirt. I really like it.


When we got to the van, it was covered in dust. Everyone's vehicle was. We sat in the tailgate and waited for traffic to clear. A guy that worked there was driving on an ATV and told everyone that was still there about 11:30 that they have to go. My brother's best friend lives about 5 minutes from Alpine Valley. We slept over at his house, and I got taken home the next morning.



As far as a review goes, I believe Linkin Park played at 110%. Chester did forget the lyrics at one part of What I've Done, but they are make mistakes, just like everyone does. Playing a lot of songs I like was nice. What I really didn't like was they didn't really seem to get into it like they do at other places. Chester only said "This is a good crowd." There was no "You guys are fuckin' awesome", or stuff like that. What do you expect for a lot of Illinois people there? That was one of the best highlights of the year for me, but it wasn't the best.


When I got home, I emailed the guy who sent me the tickets and thanked him, and sent him some pictures my brother managed to get before his camera dies. I was very upset at how long it took for the show to get uploaded. 4 weeks. Overall, it was all good!

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