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they cannot hate it.. they made it.. they might just hate the fact that everyone wants them to sound like HT.. no one wants them to improve



..okey, everyone and no one in this post are a bit hard expressions :D

This. It's like saying a mother hates her firstborn child because she is choosing to raise her fourth born differently.

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Trust me, I haven't agreed with LP on a lot of things, but I think if they didn't like HT, they wouldn't have launched into APFMH, unrehearsed, the other night.


I think of what they could have done to celebrate. Going into a 10 year old album on a world tour for your new album seems insane. A re-released wouldn't make much sense, we've got In The End Live and Rare to cover the b-sides, the HT EP and a shitload of early demos (not that they released them to us, but they know we've got them). They released some stuff on LPU9 and probably have more coming on LPUX. I can't think of anything else.

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