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ATS Live DVD together with LPA


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Hey guys, LPA just came up with an awesome idea and I'm the one who should report you about.


So, there basic idea was what NIN-fans did:


On 5th May, 2008, Nine Inch Nails released the album, The Slip, free online, as a gift to their fans. Or as Trent put it: "This one's on me".


On December 13th, 2008, dozens of Nine Inch Nails fans recorded the last show in the Lights In The Sky tour at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. By working together, we aim to create a DVD to document this show that will be released free online, and possibly as a not-for-profit physical release. This one, is on us. Our time. Our effort. Our present to all NIN fans.

Well, they plan to do this at a LP-show, too. Everybody who is attending and wants to film gets a HD Camera and will record the full show.


After this everybody uploads the record somewhere and one guy will mix them all together and brings in the DSP-sound as well.


So, we would need:


- HD cams

- lots of videos

- people with knowledge of merging these videos to DVD, Blu-ray etc

- in general: willingness & teamwork


and that's it.


What are your thoughts about it? Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know!

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I was the one who came up with that idea in LPA forums, well, that's my opinion now:


as long as we'll get enough video and audio, there'll happen something. and just for the record: I don't want to sell anything.

for now - forget this whole DVD thing. I don't think we'll get enough support for this, so one or two big video files and a bit advertising should suffice.


(as well I fear that my computer won't be able to mix big hd video files with that audio track.. will need help with that)

not a big thing, I guess. but how far would(/can) warner go?

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I think someone should bring up this idea to Adam and he can maybe mention it to LP? Maybe they could pull a few strings to make security a bit more lax at the show in question? I'd be down for this if it was a show in New York or New Jersey!! See what would be a really cool idea is to make an audience recorded DVD of the ENTIRE ATS tour. Each song could be from a different concert, but all the sources used were intended solely for the DVD!

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i think it can still be done. who cares what warner says

I don't see how this can be done. Let alone the fact that taping isn't allowed and there aren't that many people filming LP. And even for the shows we got multiple video sources for, Frankfurt 2008 for example, it doesn't make much sense to create a multi-cam video for them, because the sources are so different in quality & filming.


Some big big effort went into 'The Slip' - and it's surely not as easy as "[everyone who] wants to film gets a HD Camera and will record the full show" ^^

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