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Linkin Park Surpasses 4 Million On iLike


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From mikeshinoda.com:


Most of you probably already know iLike, the music-based social network, from your experiences on Facebook. Over the weekend, Linkin Park became the first group to surpass 4,000,000 fans on iLike. This is the largest number of fans that have gathered together in support of one artist on a single social platform.

Earlier this year, our Linkin Park widget (seen at the bottom of my main blog page) crossed the "100 Million Views" threshold. Now, with the success on iLike, I wanted to take another second to say "thank you" to all of you that support the band and enjoy the music.

My band and the people at iLike are thrilled about this amazing achievement. We will be hopefully announcing a special event to celebrate. Stay tuned!


Special event? Maybe a web chat?


In other news, has anyone heard the 'Leave Out All The Rest (M. Shinoda Remix)' from the Japanese EP of LOATR? Anyone know the LPU 8 tracklisting yet?

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mike is a bot, he lives inside a chip in some laptop



Hopefully.... if Chester feels good... maybe it'll be a gig like in The Apple Store Soho?


Can't wait for LOATR remix, zomg. Anyone's got japanese friends?

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