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Blackout / Forgotten


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Alright, alright, jeeze. It's just something I noticed, and thought I'd share it here with people who say they are Linkin Park fans. All I was trying to do was point out something i noticed and it seemed pretty cool.


Who actually listened to them both after i posted this? Because I am serious. Not trying to be funny, and not trying to get made fun of. Just pointing out something.

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why is this thread here ?

You're intelligent.


Seriously guys, we could do without the bashing, sarcasm, and spamming.




"...no remorse, FROM THE trust you're breaking..."




"FROM THE top to the bottom..."



What I'm Trying To Get At....



When Chester says "FROM THE" in Blackout, it sounds an awful lot like the first line in Forgotten!


Anyone agree?

It doesn't sound exactly the same, but it is very similar. Kind of an interesting thing to point out, as I noticed this happens a lot in LP's music, lol.

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