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Tell me what is missing in my collection


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Hello LPLive, I would like to show you my collection and would like you to tell me what's missing



8-Bit Rebellion (soundtrack)

Dead by Sunrise - Out of Ashes

Fort Minor - Street Team Sampler

Fort Minor - We Major

Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory - 2 Track Demo

Hybrid Theory - 8 Track Demo

Hybrid Theory - 9 Track Demo

Hybrid Theory (EP)

www.hybridtheory.com Demo's

LP Underground v2.0

LP Underground v3.0

LP Underground v4.0

LP Underground v5.0

LP Underground v6.0

LP Underground v7.0

LP Underground v8.0

LP Underground v9.0


Minutes to Midnight

Songs from the Underground

Xero: Sampler

Download to Donate

ft. Busta Rhymes - We Made It

ft. DJ Lethal - State of the Art

ft. DJ Vice - Freestyle

It's Going Down - Promo ver.

It's Going Down - Demo ver.

ft. Lady Tigra - Body on the Bass (Joe Hahn remix)

New Divide

Plaster (David Kahne Mix)

A Decade Underground

One Step Closer (Humble Brothers FM Edit)

Little Boxes


Fort Minor - Magic Doors (Portishead Remix)

ft. Styles of Beyond - Second to None

ft. Handsome Boys Modeling School - Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This pt.2)

ft. Korn - System

ft. Young Buck - Slow Ya Roll

ft. Julien K - Morning After (soundtrack ver.)

ft. Stone Temple Pilots - Wonderful

ft. Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home

ft. Marilyn Manson - Buy Myself (remix)

ft. Jay Gordon - Pts.OF.Athrty (demo)

ft. Cyclefly - Karma Killer



Any demo, song, EP or any audio related to LP that is missing here, please tell me.


(Yes, I know Reanimation and The Rising Tied are missing)

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