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Some Forum Housekeeping...


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Over the past 48 hours, we've been hard at work doing some massive forum housekeeping. Some of you might be aware of this already, but for those who aren't, this housekeeping has included:


* Fixing broken links: All the links that were fixable by the staff have now been fixed. Of all the links on the forums, approximately 80% of them were broken after the change in forums. We were able to fix most of these, as there are now only about 10-15% of all the links still missing/not working. To fix these few links, it is going to require users that posted those links to edit them. If you have posted a link that is still missing/broken, please help us out by re-pasting in the missing link. Please do this by editting your existing post rather than double posting. If you find any missing/broken links that you cannot fix, please let us know about that here and we will take a look at it.


* Cleaning up the quotes: As many of you probably noticed, when we switched forums, any quotes made before the change were a tad screwball. We have cleaned these up in all of the forums, including removing the random codes that appeared at the end of them. All quotes should now be cleaned up. If you see any that might have been missed or still look a tad off, please let us know about those here and we'll fix that.


* Emoticons, Images, Youtube videos, etc: Many of the images and emoticons in posts before the change were messed up during the switch. We tried to fix all of these that needed to be/could be fixed. However, some were not because they were just not salvageable, so you might have to edit those on your own as you desire. Like with the links, edit the existing post rather than double posting.


* Logging in and staying logged in: This issue was fixed last night. If you are still having trouble with this issue, try cleaning out your cookies and cache. If after doing this you are still having trouble, contact the staff and we'll try to help you.


We will continue to fix these and other bugs over the next few days, so bear with us and if you see anything at all that looks off or needs to be fixed, again, let us know about that here.


And finally (yes, this novel does have an ending)...


In light of this massive forum housekeeping, the change in forums and looking ahead to the future launch of 4.0, we felt it was necessary to bring some order to the forums. We have now adopted the LPLG Forums Rules and Regulations. From this point forward, these rules are now in effect and will be enforced. Please take the time right now to read and familiarize yourself with these rules found here. If you have any questions or concerns about these rules and regulations at any time, please contact the staff.


With all this said, there are some exciting things coming in the future of LPL, so stay tuned, and as said many times before, thanks for bearing with us through these transitions!

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