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Not Alone Discussion ???


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Just came back from a trip and found out about this new song... But I couldn't find a discussion thread for it...


So... What are the thoughts on it? If there's already a thread please link me and close here...



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I thought it was... interesting. It was definitely not my FAVORITE LP song of all time, but I liked the hip hop edge that Mike gave to it. To me, it sounded like SOTD and TLTGYA combined and given an R&B beat. Overall I'd give the song a 7/10.

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I didn't like it very much... Too soft and kinda repetitive.

But LP is LP and it makes me happy when a new song pops out...


I hope the 8-bit song comes to make us even happier.

I'm hoping the 8-Bit Rebellion song is heavier than Not Alone at least...something like Across The Line would be awesome.

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