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DBS on BBC Radio 1


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Random surprise, DBS is in the BBC Radio 1 studio in London and is doing an interview. Tune in now!!


EDIT: DBS is just doing an interview for BBC today, but tomorrow they will be performing a live session at BBC Maida Vale, so be sure and stream that! I guess they will play 2 or 3 songs...sweet!


Download the interview (Thanks to Maza_G)

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I'm not sure.


Amir's Twitter said: "In studio recording of some DBS tracks for the BBC and some other stations in Europe. "


So I guess they played songs that will be aired on the radio.




I hope so

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Damn I can't watch, anyone recording?

me but it seems that i fucked it up a bit, mark might have recorded better ^^


no live performance, but maida vale studios session tomorrow!


holy shit they copy much of LP

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Live performance is tomorrow @ Maida Vale - today is just the interview. BBC posts all their shit on their website, so the interview will be linked up here as soon as it's posted there. I'm recording but it's not gonna be as good as BBC, so we can wait a few hours for theirs.


Can't wait to hear them play tomorrow!

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Same time tomorrow?

Let me do some research on the BBC site and I'll get back to you. I hate how this whole side project never announces anything. We need some sort of DBS website with info on what they are doing in terms of radio/shows.... We never would have known about this interview today if Amir wouldn't have updated his Twitter today...dang. If we wouldn't have heard this interview, we wouldn't have known they are playing a live gig for BBC tomorrow. Damn, haha. I'll post info as soon as I get it.


Chester just said he wants to tour with Muse. I second that.

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normally the BBC live gigs arnt aired live. its just the band in a studio playing live they record it and post it to there website. heres were they record http://www.bbcradioresources.com/studios/mv3.html thats the room most live band use

We're all familiar with the BBC recordings of LP, so I'm pretty excited for this actually. It's like a 'third encore session' for DBS. :lol: It would be epic if we got Condemned, Walking In Circles and End Of The World for the 3 songs.

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3 songs are My Suffering, Crawl Back In and Inside of Me, I think...



Where can you find DBS?


EDIT: I like this interview. It's funny as hell. :lol: I can't believe Ryan wants to tattoo the My Suffering lyrics on him. And Chester about Sam...wow. Lol.


Anyone know where I can download this interview please???

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