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/ Julien-K & Dead By Sunrise /
Interviews, Announcements, Press Releases, etc

18.08.2005 - Linkin Frontman Goes Solo (RollingStone)
31.10.2005 - Linkin Park Frontman Plans To Brainwash Kids Into Liking His Side Projects (MTV)
17.07.2007 - Orgy Guys Resurface in Julien-K (Spinner)
04.09.2007 - Linkin Park side project Dead By Sunrise Julien-K Backed (ArtisanNews)
08.10.2007 - Julien-K Puts Some Rock into Electronic Music (TheDailyRock)
12.05.2008 - Chester Bennington Talks New Band Dead by Sunrise, Next Linkin Park Album (RollingStone)
13.05.2008 - Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, Dead By Sunrise at Club Tattoo (ArtisanNews)
09.09.2008 - Linkin Park's Chester Bennington talks about his 'moody' solo album, 'disarray' at the VMAs (HollywoodInsider)
07.11.2008 - Chester Talks Dead by Sunrise, Next Linkin Park Album (MTV)
xx.xx.2008 - Sabian Cymbals - Elias Bones Andra (Sabian)
xx.xx.2008 - Systeme De Sexe (BLVD)
07.01.2009 - Death By Julien-K (Exclusive download) (CMJ)
08.01.2009 - Julien-K preps new album for march (Skopemag)
09.01.2009 - Orgy members to release Julien-K debut (Blabbermouth)
26.01.2009 - Interview with Ryan Shuck of Julien-K and Orgy (AmpedReviews)
26.01.2009 - Julien-K To Release Single "Kick The Bass" (PluginMusic)
11.02.2009 - Interview with Amir from Julien-K (FlashFloodMedia)
26.02.2009 - Interview with Julien-K (MUEN)
26.02.2009 - Out of Orgy comes Julien-K (OCRegister)
xx.03.2009 - Ryan Shuck of Julien-K (SecondSupper)
xx.03.2009 - DBS, the near mythic side-project of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, is ready to greet the day (Revolver)
06.03.2009 - Alamo musician's CD to debut across country (TheMonitor)
xx.03.2009 - Drugs and darker period (Blender)
19.03.2009 - Interview by Auren Suicide (SuicideGirls)
30.04.2009 - Men Of Style (RevolveClothing)
01.05.2009 - Combichrist To Take Julien-K On Tour This Summer (PluginMusic)
xx.xx.2009 - There Is Life After Orgy (BaltimoreAtHome)
06.05.2009 - Exclusive interview with Ryan Shuck (LPLive)
11.05.2009 - "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" game (TransformersGame)
04.10.2009 - Linkin Park frontman resurfaces with side project (Reuters)
05.10.2009 - New direction lead by Linkin Park front man (TheRebelYell)
05.10.2009 - Interview: Dead By Sunrise (ARTISTdirect)
07.10.2009 - The spotlight's on Dead by Sunrise (OCRegister)

"Death To Analog" Reviews

30.01.2009 - GuestlistMagazine ~ Positive
01.02.2009 - BringOnMixedReviews ~ 4 of 5
14.02.2009 - ViolentFrequency ~ 2 of 5
25.02.2009 - KaffeineBuzz ~ Almost positive
02.03.2009 - Fangoria ~ 3.5 of 5
02.03.2009 - RoyalFlush ~ Positive
05.03.2009 - FearNet ~ Positive
10.03.2009 - DarkTwinCities ~ Positive
11.03.2009 - GraveConcernsE-zine ~ Positive
04.04.2009 - 411mania ~ 7 of 10
14.04.2009 - InYourSpeakers ~ Positive

"Level 7"

13.07.2007 - Lawsuit: Ex-Broadcom CEO used drugs, prostitutes (InfoWorld)
14.07.2007 - Sordid allegations add to billionaire's woes (News-Buzz)
14.07.2007 - Henry T. Nicholas III, already under a legal cloud, is accused of drug use and other excesses (LATimes)
16.07.2007 - Problems Broaden for Ex-Broadcom Chief (CFO)
17.07.2007 - War of words: Assistant makes claims in suit of ex-Broadcom chief's illicit drug use (Redding)
18.07.2007 - Billionaire sought secret lair for sex, drugs, complaint says (LATimes)
05.08.2007 - Broadcom ex-CEO under siege (OCRegister)
xx.xx.2007 - Photos (Judicial-inc)
09.06.2008 - Prosecutors: Video shows Broadcom billionaire doing drugs (OCRegister)
13.02.2009 - Lawsuit says billonaire Nicholas fired aide who went to grand jury (OCBiz) ~ Comments by insiders
04.03.2009 - Henry Nicholas allowed to travel freely before trial (LATimes)

Random Articles

29.12.2006 - Why Is Chester Bennington Rocking A Home Depot Parking Lot? (MTV)

Concert reviews

07.07.2007 Philadelphia, PA, Trocadero (24HoursOpen)
14.07.2007 Lancaster, PA, Chameleon (Neskimos)
10.05.2008 Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theater (qixx)
28.06.2008 Toronto, ON, Kool Haus (ThePhilOnline)
08.04.2009 Los Angeles, CA, The Roxy (FlashFloodMedia)
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DBS' show at HMV Fourm in London was given 5 K's by Kerrang Magazine... :)

i'll try and dig it up, gimme a sec...


EDIT: my mistake, 4 K's... ;) , issue 1302, march 6th 2010

Edited by lgraham
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So the entire Level 7 thing is completely lost in time and forgotten. How about us scanning through everything we have, maybe investigating some more on the subject and making a feature here on LPLive that everyone would understand. Of course, we'll never find out the truth and the subject is kinda risky, because it involves drugs accusations, celebrities and multi-million companies, but fuck that. I'm in, if anyone's interested.

Who knows, maybe we'll get certain people to talk.

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