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Crawl Back In - Free Download


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I'm ready for OOA. about three hours until stores open in Japan. ;)

Meanwhile, new clips!

Really like the Too Late chorus ...


But I'm disappointed in what I hear from In The Darkness. The virtuosity that Chester injects into the chorus through his voice as heard in the acoustic performance is completely lost in the studio recording, making the song a lot less interesting. A typical "singer's song", with a bland vocal performance ... I can only scratch my head about the production of a lot of the songs.

Bring on the acoustic renditions!

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Oh pleasee your welcome. Ungrateful just a tad? It's for those who dont have it.

I'm not being ungrateful at all. In my experience stating an opinion is not ungrateful.

People who wanted it could have gotten it, I mean it's easy to find isn't it?

It's easy to obtain, I'm not trying to slur anyone or anything

I was simply stating that you don't need to join any site to obtain the song, which I guess some people may not want to do. But if I came off as "ungrateful" I apologise.

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