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Apathy & Mike


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Jay from SOBCentral.com, one of my favorite websites on the web, sent me an article that he thought would be good for LPLive. Here's what SOBC had to say on the news:


"Head on over to HipHopDX.com, where you'll find a brand new, and lengthy interview with Apathy.


The interview focuses mainly on Ap's upcoming LP "Wanna Snuggle?", but also makes mention of the Get Busy Committee project with RYU and Scoop DeVille, and also gives some insight into some of Mike Shinoda's past musical ventures."


The full article can be found here. The whole thing is a pretty cool read if you like Apathy, Styles Of Beyond or any projects they've been working on, but you can scroll to the bottom for the info on Mike.


An excerpt reads: "("Mike is a super Hip Hop guy," Ap noted of his super famous friend. "Mike has old freestyles to Smoothe Da Hustler, 'Broken Language.' Mike’s one of us, man!")"


Thanks to our friends from SOBC for the news! Jay you're awesome!


....and lastly, no DBS hasn't leaked yet contrary to popular reports floating around. I'll let you know when it has, don't worry.

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Knowing how mike is a work-oholic, It wouldn't surprise me if one day he says that he's going to release the album soon and has most of the tracks completed. He could be keeping it on the downlow to keep the attention on dbs and lp at this time.

i dont see where he would find the time, what with LP and an art show going on for the passed couple of years

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