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Bands That LP Have Toured With


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Without doubt, Busta Rhymes. Even though he only made a few appearances, hindsight has really allowed me to analyze and say the whole situation of him coming on tour was a joke. He was the last act added to PR 08, basically lobbied for his place on the bill and LP felt a little pressure to add more hip-hop act so went for it. The fact that We Made It was played as an encore song the first few shows, while not as bad when it was happening, I think is one of the worst live ideas the band has had. From Mike forgetting his verse on a few occassions to Busta staying on stage well past the song's ending saying LINKIN PARK IS THE BEST FUCKING ROCK BAND IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD MY NIGGGASS, the whole thing was garbage.


Hawthorne Heights and Coheed and Cambira also belong no where on the same bill as LP. They were absolutely terrible.


I like HIM, but they didn't seem into it at all the whole tour. However, they were a real solid middle act considering the size of the tour. Ashes Divide also were no better than mediocre, and that act just fell apart after PR 08.


On the flipside, they've had some great acts accompany them on tour including Chris Cornell. The guy, even just solo, is a legend. He may not be the best showman to join LP (My Chemical Romance easily takes that) but most of his songs are rock staples.


I think the best "smaller" act LP has recruited has to be 10 Years. Great, great move on Chester's part to bring them out on PR 08 because it definitley led to 10 Years now being one of my favorite all-time bands.

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