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New LPTV and Mike's Remixes


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There is a brand new LPTV Episode (the fifth) about Mike's upcoming art show, Glorious Excess (Dies).

Like the last one, in the middle of the episode we can hear a song, but this time we know exactly what it is.


Music: "Gold Guns Girls" By Metric, Remixed By Mike Shinoda


Seems like Shinoda has quite a few tracks that we haven't heard. A new remix by him? I wonder if he'll post it on his blog?


The LPU Chat with him is on the 4th of September; maybe that's an opportunity to ask about his remixes and unreleased tracks (VMA scores perhaps)?


EDIT: Download the LPTV Episode here (in .FLV) or here (in .MOV).

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wow, hotlink from WB server!


i know a man died in that way ^^ (man, you can't hotlink official LP stuff)

Sure you can! Thanks for the links. We aren't hosting it, the label is hosting it so it's official to me. They said nothing to me when I posted the direct New Divide (Making Of) Video on the homepage right to their servers. Direct links from WB are always welcome! :) I was only told to not host stuff myself that's official material so if the band hosts it, that's fine with me!

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i'd like to hear what mike has done in his spare time musically. but i also think joe hahn is doing some great stuff also, his music for seed is amazing, i'd like it to be released as a song or instrumental. those "small" things give us fans joy, and i'm not sure if they understand that.

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