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Tajomaru Soundtrack, "Fire" by DBS?


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On the 9th of September the Tajomaru OST will be available for purchase on Amazon.co.jp


What do you think? A possibility to hear "Fire" ?


Edit: It's confirmed.


Posted Image


The second track of the tracklist is named "Fire"


We have to wait until 9th of September to hear it!

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So on September 9th we should have 'Fire'? I'm just wondering if we'll be able to buy it in stores or on iTunes or anything because I'd like to have the highest quality possible seeing as how it's my favorite DBS song that I've heard so far.

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Product Description

Oguri Shun film distribution, introducing the contents of TAJOMARU Brothers Dead By Sunrise SAUNDOTORAKKUWANA September 12 insert song released "Fire" is the solo project of vocalist Chester Bennington Park RINKIN recording, buy Dead Sunrise song "Fire" as the world's fastest recorded insert song!


The Original Soundtrack by TAJOMARU TAJOMARU is, the selected music collection!

The Original Soundtrack TAJOMARU, the biggest topic of the big overseas artists and songs!

Park RINKIN vocalist of the band is one of the most successful in the history of the past decade, Chester Bennington solo project, Dead By Sunrise released as "Fire" as an insert song. Linkin Park this summer, the Summer Sonic 09 appeared as a headliner. Chester's solo project, Dead By Sunrise 1st album to be released this fall!

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so fire was made just for the movie? wut da

I don't think so...it was one of the original demo names and I couldn't see Chester making a song for this movie and also releasing it as the first track off of his debut album. :P I mean...does anyone here actually want to see this movie?

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