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Shanghai, LPTV, Ticket Stubs, Site Upgrades


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From LP.com: Linkin Park will play at Shanghai Stadium in Shanghai, China on August 15. Tickets are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster! LP Underground members have tickets set aside, and also have a chance for Meet & Greets with members of Linkin Park.


Also, a new LPTV episode entitled "Mike's Valiant Effort" is up on LP.com. The episode deals with Mike and Chester having fun in the studio at NRG playing pool during the writing of the new album.


Lastly, if you have any ticket stubs or promo posters for shows (especially 2009 stuff), send 'em on in if you haven't. You can email them to me at "hahninator@sotrix.net" or attach them in a reply to this post. We're missing Pori, Chiba City, Osaka, Okinawa, Shanghai and Macao. If you have any of those, we'd love to have some scans. We're also taking any from older shows as well. Fort Minor and Julien-K are accepted too.


As far as the site goes, we're currently working on an "LPLive 2.5" upgrade for you all, hopefully ready before the first show of the summer in Istanbul in a few weeks. We're going to be including some cooler stuff, such as expanding the site's width to allow more room for content, adding a Twitter box, adding ticket stubs and show posters, and more. Our next exclusive will be next week and once again, it will be a really good live show (our best one besides the Mountain View 2004 release in my opinion), so be ready for that. I want to get a page up sometime soon with all of the downloads and info on them that we've ever had. Hmm.


Thanks for the support and I'm glad you all enjoyed "She Couldn't" and the other demos!

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I think LPLive always will be the best site where it could find the best news and LP's exclusives, I wait that as well as history was done by "She Couldn't" we continue surprising it more....waiting for DBS's show!!! 1 day!!!

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Anybody else intruiged by the intro piece on lptv's new episode (the fast electronica thingy).

LP usualy uses thier own songs during web shows, and it features an all too familiar chord progression...I dunno, but it sounds sweet.

the bgm of the intro is Leave Out All The Rest (M.Shinoda Remix)


looking forward to the next exclusive

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