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Julien-K / Styles Of Beyond


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Julien-K will be chatting with LPUnderground members at 3:00pm PST / 6:00pm EST, so be sure and be there!


Also, Ryu from Styles Of Beyond has said...

"new Styles of beyond album "Reseda beach" is ready to go. Will have an official release date by next week. stay tuned!"


Live LPU Chat Updates:


RS: Chester has been one of my and Amir's best friends for quite a while. We always knew we wanted to play together and when he began helping with JK we wound up helping him with some of his ideas as well and we realized that we were becoming a band. Brandon, FU and Elias became really close with Chester during this tine as well.

RS and BB: Our influences. Life, art, movies and other people, there is not much good about being in the music business. The business side is the worst part. But worth it for the hour a day that you get to spend on stage.

RS: There is a meaning to the name Julien-K but we like people to try and find out themselves. Its more fun that way

RS: Chester made the call on the name DBS instead of SWT. I think there is more personal meaning to him than SWT. I believe its a comment or description of his / our condition at the time. We were going through a lot of shit. Partying and not taking very good care of ourselves.


Twisted66: Hey guys, Chester said on his Twitter that DBS will be supporting LP on their Euro Tour. Are you guys looking forward to playing over here?

JK: Twisted: Did he really say that? HAHAHA

Teagan: Hey. I wonder if you're going to play some pieces in Europe at the coming concerts with DBS?

RS: Possibly.

Samlink: Hi guys! Everyone wants to know about Dead By Sunrise summer tour with Linkin Park. Is it truth?

RS: =)


RS: It is a dark, visceral and amazing record. Chester sings his ass off on this. LP will really like hearing him like this.

RS: We loved Projekt Revolution. It was one of the best tours of our lives. It was right up there with Family Values tour. The crowd was amazing. It was what convinced us that Julien-K was indeed a real and important project worth doing. We saw that people really did like it and understood it.

RS: We have the ability to really focus on our electronic side. Orgy had a tendency to become a rock band. Maybe a bit more than Amir and I would probably liked. But that being said. We loved Orgy and we would not be here without Orgy.

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why the FUCK do people keep asking shit about DBS? Jesus Christ i ask one thing about the band that wasnt related to Chester and it wasnt passed. Thats like the 4 time in a band chat of any kind the band asks about how they met chester jesus christ


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This is fucking bullshit. Every SINGLE chat my letter is called, I ask a question and it never gets passed. Ever. I wish I really knew why the LPU mods hate me so much...

Julien_K says to pegasusrocks: Geki: Yes. There are lots. It is a dark, viscer

al and amazing record. Chester sings his ass off on this. LP will really like h

earing him ike this. -RS


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Full transcript is on my site! w3.lphungary.com (sorry for advertising, but i dont wanna copy it to here, but you can copy it from my site to the news -if we are the first source... :P)

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So am I right that they MIGHT be coming to Europe with Linkin Park (whether it be w/ Julien-K or DBS) in summer but it still isn't officially confirmed by the band yet? Hahninator, you said they avoided answering these questions - was it really like that? I'm not in the LPU so I missed the chat, and when I personally asked them they also couldn't confirm it to me and just said that they would surely love to come over and hope it will work out at some point. I also know Chester twittered about it but maybe it just isn't confirmed at this point. It would be really important for me to finally know if anything's been confirmed since I manage the JULIEN-K GERMANY site.

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