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Participation in a short film about Chester


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Hello everyone, Linkin Park fans 🤘🏻

Our creative film group of the same fans and connoisseurs of the group want to make a short film about Chester, more precisely about the last day. 

Going a little further, the idea is that Chester left a posthumous letter (yes, we know there was no letter in reality, but this is a creative solution in which we create a world where he left us his last words)

But we decided with the team that it would be cool if everyone (anonymously or not) would write their own version of the letter that they would like to hear. 

From most of your letters, we will make one that will touch everyone to the core. 

To make it easier, just imagine that Chester Bennington wrote a letter for fans: about his thoughts, emotions, his condition, about what he wanted to say to us fans

Anyone who wants to write a letter will be marked in the credits of our short film 

Let's honor Chester's memory together


Write me 

E-mail: jeakgeek@yandex.ru

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I don't think so. We have Bohemian rhapsody, for example. A lot of films about famous people. But we want to make short film, with you. But I don't say that you opinion is wrong. You are partly right. Documentary film can open Chester's life truly, we want to show Chester's last day in parallel world, roughly speaking. Some months ago released tv series Korol I Shut. Fans were divided into pros and cons. It is expected. Because we offer participation in production short film 

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Bohemian Rhapsody had May and Taylor involved, that is something completely different.

This right here I find just disturbing and for that reason I hope this project will never be.


But yeah like someone already mentioned, try reddit, quite a few people leave their conscience behind before entering that place and attention-seekers are everywhere, so that might be exactly what you're looking for.

This forum is certainly quite the opposite from what I have experienced. Not to forget that we would have to deal with hoaxes, like people will be convinced there really was a letter and they know what was in it. I think everyone frequently on here and every mod is working their hardest to protect the legacy and privacy of LP and their families with honor. And now imagine someone like Talinda randomly getting told what someone is interpreting into what they think a real letter was, when there in reality was none. Imagine how people like Samantha on the other hand could use this to claim that LP and Talinda are hiding things they are not.

So big nono from me too. Sorry, I hope you can find something else equally exciting for you with less controversy. I'm confident that you and your team are capable of coming up with something very creative, after all you came up with this idea.

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