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Mike Shinoda x Justus Bennetts


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Justus Bennetts, a singer/rapper from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina known for his blend of hip-hop and punk-influenced pop, has posted on Instagram a teaser of an unreleased song - apparently titled 'Everything Is Nothing' - asking his followers "should i put this one out??" Mike Shinoda shared the video on his own stories saying "go tell @justusbennetts he needs to release this song we wrote together."


Over the course of his last Twitch streams (before going on an indefinite break) Mike had announced he was working with several different artists. This might be just one of many collaborations to come.

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4 hours ago, vinifeijo said:

i know Mike should do what he wants to do, but in the last years his collabs were boring. 

I miss the feeling of something BIG.

I think that Mike is in a "I'm 45 now, so I'll use my status now to collaborate with younger artists and elevate them" phase.

I get what he's doing, he's trying to be selfless. That's a great thing. I just also wish he would collab with someone huge and well known again, rather than just trying to use his star power to elevate unknown artists. I realize that sounds harsh, but it's true lol.

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