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'Skrrt Skrrt' Now Available On Audius!


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On today's Twitch stream, Mike Shinoda did an intentionally clumsy drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog he dubbed "SonkThHegeogs." By request of his Twitch followers, an NFT of it is now available at the OpenSea platform here.


In addition, Mike used another drawing of the "SonkThHegeogs" character as artwork for his newly released corona jam 'Skrrt Skrrt' on Audius!


This is the third jam to be officially released in the platform and the first not to be released right after the original stream. In fact, Mike created this track over a year ago, on July 21, 2020, using Garage Band. Hopefully this means we'll be getting other older jams in the future!


The theme for 'Skrrt Skrrt' was a mix of four fan requests: "'I Want To Break Free' by Queen," "Salsa/Latin," "Disney vibes, Frozen/Moana" and "Migos ad-libs." Mike tried to incorporate some Queen sounds into the beat but decided to do it on a different track on a later occasion.


During the stream, he rapped parts of 'Welcome' and 'Bleed It Out' over the jam. Watch it below and listen to the final track here: https://audius.co/mikeshinoda/skrrt-skrrt



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6 hours ago, virusx360 said:

First Audius Track, that is not available for download. Anyone knows why is that?



To answer your question: no. Maybe he forgot. I also noticed Mike wrote the wrong date in the description. It says the track was created in 2021 when it was in fact created in 2020.

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