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Imogen Heap covers 'Sharp Edges'


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Imogen Heap has covered 'Sharp Edges' in an online stream; she says, ""The Gloves Are On" for my weekly Tuesday live piano and voice improvisation. For you and I to enjoy and while we are at it, raise money for The Creative Passport."


Go to around 53:00 minutes to check out the cover!

She said, "I just really really love this song. It's so pretty."



Thanks to Simon for getting her to cover the song and for sending this over!

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I know this is mostly just her making up the accompaniment on the spot and she flubs the lyrics quite a bit, but if she polished this up it'd have a hell of a lot of potential as a properly recorded cover.

Also, I've seen her use them plenty of times by now, but the Mimu Gloves are by far the coolest piece of music technology I've seen invented in my lifetime.

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On 9/18/2020 at 1:12 PM, GreyFox-AFCA said:

I don’t really like it tbh.

her voice just doesn’t sound right for me.

the same for me. She lost me due to the problems at the beginning when she tried over and over again. One time due to back issues, then she struggled with the lyrics, ...

I rather listen to the original song. Sorry to say this, but this live impro destroys the emotions I have with this song.


Better listen to Alex McMillan's cover



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