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Grey Daze release “Shouting Out” music video


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1 hour ago, JZLP-AmendsUltimateFan said:

Am i in 2001?


Playing a flash game lol

Ahahahah 😂
TBH I think it’s super cute although incredibly naive. I like the ending with Chester flying away on the cloud with the voice message playing. They are clearly letting fans play with this material, they could have dropped 2 videos similar to “Soul Song” but they didn’t so...

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4 minutes ago, NimaLP said:

I like these videos as what they are, "fan-made videos". The video feels cringey to me, but hey, I'm not able to make what they made, so good job to those guys.

Hmmm yeah same here: they are clearly letting fans express themselves creatively, if they wanted to make professional videos like Sickness or Soul Song they could have done it that way (and they proved they could make really cool videos) but they didn’t. The ending result is a bit cringy and looks unprofessional but hey. 

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