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'I.O.U.' Music Video Coming Soon...?


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LPLive member "skyzlmt" made us aware of something interesting...

"Just as a note, There seemed to be some excessive filming for IOU last night in Chicago. Could be some live usage later in the future for it..."


Indeed, while Mike does have a crew member filming and/or taking photos during the show, this is a lot more intense than we've seen on any song during this tour. He's all over the stage during 'I.O.U.' which makes us think the footage could be for something more... like a new music video.


Check it out:



So far, 'I.O.U.', a fan favorite, is one of the remaining Post Traumatic songs to not have a music video. Mike said he would likely make videos for all of the songs on the album, so we will have to wait and see if 'I.O.U.' gets that treatment!

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I.O.U. is the most gangster song on the album; Chicago is one of the most gangster cities in the country. And you have Boston and Detroit coming up next. Seems pretty awesome.


Well said. The song is pretty good live now that he has the band on it. The band really adds a lot to all of the songs.
I LOVED the NYC show with just Mike on the stage. It was one of the most unique and intimate events I have ever attended especially with the 500 person crowd yelling every word to everything except the Sorry For Now verse. Crazy.
It took me a few Asian shows to warm up to Matt and Dan. Now I can't get enough of them. They've slowly picked up more songs as the touring cycle has gone on. IOU, About You, all of Over Again, etc. I really like them a lot. A+. One of the most fun tours to follow.
The last few shows have the ability to be insane with how many songs are in rotation.
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