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2018.11.12 - Cincinnati, Ohio


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On the 12th Mike Shinoda takes his Post Traumatic Tour to Cincinnati, Ohio at Bogart's! This is the fourth to last show on the tour, with dates wrapping up in Boston, Detroit, and Silver Spring coming up.


At the last show in Chicago, Mike stuck pretty much to script, but did have a few cool highlights:


Invisible got its second performance ever with Mike's solo band. The drum solo on the bridge is something different, and was probably added to give Dan his solo since Invisible and Sorry For Now are rotating in the setlist.


With a run of In Stereo, I.O.U., and When They Come For Me in a row, there was no shortage of action in Chicago.



Until It Breaks was added to the set in the encore after Robot Boy and World's On Fire.



And finally... Lift Off was soundchecked again! This time, it was rehearsed with mashup lyrics from another song (unknown). Will we see the song pop up before the end of the tour? Recently, Matt confirmed that the world tour will continue in 2019, so we will have plenty of time to see more songs show up.


This will be Mike's first appearance in Cincinnati since Honda Civic Tour 2012, but Linkin Park did play in nearby Columbus for Rock on the Range in 2015.


Check out Mike's tour dates and past setlists here.

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People apparently weren't allowed to film Lift Off. I spoke to someone who was there to confirm it but they didn't remember what song Mike rapped over it.

Oh ok. See I was thinking he might have just went into what sounds like probably demo lyrics. He's done that a couple of times, I thought maybe the person who heard it mistook it for a completely different song.


If he didn't want it filmed though, then maybe it IS a new song that he wants to stay a surprise. Similar to how he requested fans to not record CAL when he played it at the video shoot for that song.

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I would love to hear Lift Off performed live, with Chino and MGK both. It would be epic. One of my favorites songs on Post Traumatic, possibly my favorite. I love the whole song.


Interesting about the fans not being allowed to film. Probably was demo lyrics. Or Mike just didn't want there to be a video of it out there.

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