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Phoenix Joins Mike Shinoda in Las Vegas


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While Mike's show in Las Vegas didn't exactly start like a normal show since he covered "It's Tricky" by Run-D.M.C. to open the show, the rest of the set was flowing pretty much like normal. That is, until "Over Again" went to transition into "Papercut" in the popular medley....


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight... FROM THE BAND LINKIN PARK... Dave "Phoenix" Farrell!"


And just like that, Phoenix was back!



Fans remember Phoenix joining Mike at LoveLoud in Salt Lake City this past July, guesting on "Running From My Shadow". This is the first time Mike has been back out west since then, having traveled to Asia, Europe, and the eastern United States. And he wasted no time in getting Linkin Park members involved once again as Phoenix came out on "Papercut", playing it for the first time since the 2017 Hollywood Bowl show.


That wasn't all, though. Since "Papercut" closed the main set, Phoenix came back out in the encore for "Make It Up As I Go", "Castle Of Glass", "Remember The Name", and "Running From My Shadow".



Fan reactions to Phoenix joining Mike have been absolutely overwhelmingly positive and of course, everyone is happy to see them back together again on stage. Whether this is just for the time being or this is one step closer to a Linkin Park reappearance in the future, we'll take it! As an added bonus, Phoenix was a part of Mike, Matt, and Dan's Halloween costume idea... with the three of them decked out as Run-D.M.C. members, Phoenix acted as the "overzealous fan" of the band.


Phoenix took to Twitter after the show, saying, "Great times tonight with @mikeshinoda in #LasVegas ! And Who’s got some good pics/videos??? #PostTraumaticTour"


Looking ahead, Mike performs in Los Angeles and Anaheim this week so we could see Phoenix again, or possibly even Joe Hahn, who guested with Mike on "Castle Of Glass" in May!

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Because they are not Linkin Park. Now if Brad, Joe, and Rob were to say to Mike that they never want to play music again, then that would be different. That hasnt happened, though, and LP is still a band. Currently an inactive band, but a band nonetheless.

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The most used word on Post Traumatic was... CONTROL that's why he went solo to do his thing on his own way.



I'd honestly be down for Mike doing his own thing if he feels that its the best thing to do. The only thing I feel I'd be against is LP continuing with a new singer besides Mike. I however wouldn't be upset if someone like Jon Green joined the band, to help Mike be the frontman.

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