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'Make It Up As I Go' Music Video Out Now!


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Even though the poster puzzle is still going strong, the 'Make It Up As I Go' music video is here!


In similar fashion to this whole "pieces of the poster" puzzle Mike's been doing in promotion for the video, the music video is a very artsy one, using the effect of different pieces of paper to create different scenes.


What are your thoughts on the video? Mike's on the quest to create a visual component for every song on the album - we're almost at all of them. The last video was for 'Brooding' released last month. Videos for the Post Traumatic EP songs, as well as 'Crossing A Line,' 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' 'Running From My Shadow,' 'About You,' 'Ghosts,' 'Promises I Can't Keep,' and 'Lift Off' have all been released so far - we're up to 12 videos now. What song do you want a video for next?


Mike Shinoda's Post Traumatic Tour is currently on a break, but it's kicking up again soon next month with an extensive North American tour - be sure to buy tickets if you haven't already!

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I love the story (that plot twist!) and the look of this video. It fits the song very well.
And the whole puzzle thing was a very clever way to promote it. :D

I think I.O.U. is probably going to be the next video since Mike played the song on tour and seems to love it.
Maybe it even includes live footage?

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