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2018.09.03 - Stockholm, Sweden


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Scandinavia, you're up next. Mike's Post Traumatic European Tour is heading to the north of Europe next with a stop in Stockholm, Sweden at Berns on September 3, 2018.




We already know how insane the Post Traumatic Tour has been so far, and Mike's last two shows in Russia showed exactly why. The two shows had many of the same songs but may as well have been completely different sets. He began in St. Petersburg, bringing back 'Watching As I Fall' for the first show in awhile, while moving 'Hold It Together' and 'Ghosts' further down in the set, the latter of which was now in the encore. Most notably, Mike kept playing the piano medley of Linkin Park singles that he started doing in Köln a few nights prior, singing piano versions of 'Heavy,' 'Burn It Down,' and 'Numb.' At this show, Mike actually played the entirety of 'Numb' as opposed to the just the first verser and chorus!


Moscow was a completely different story. Mike completely changed the setlist order from every other show he's played so far, notably performing 'I.O.U.' as the second song and moving 'Castle Of Glass' into the encore. 'Heavy' and 'Burn It Down' were absent, but replaced by something very special. Mike performed an instrumental version of 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' as well as a shortened piano version of 'Iridescent' for the first time on tour. While 'Iridescent' was played relatively recently (twice in two different ways at the Hollywood Bowl), this was the first time we got 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' since Singapore 2011, the very last show of the A Thousand Suns Tour. The song also appeared during the Experience Version of 'Castle Of Glass' on the latter half of The Hunting Party Tour. During the song, Mike took the time to talk about the "Wisdom," "Justice," and "Love" flashmob the Russian fans were famous for doing in 2011 at the Transformers 3 Premiere. To top it off, Mike rapped the first verse and chorus of 'Cigarettes' before 'Remember The Name.' 'Cigarettes' is one of the most requested songs that fans want to hear on the tour, so it's nice to see him throw a little bone like that for it. Long story short: Mike absolutely killed it in Russia.


Watch Mike's full set from Moscow, Russia, featuring highlights such as the tour debuts of 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' and 'Iridescent,' as well as a completely reorganized set and a 'Cigarettes' acapella.

It hasn't been too long since Mike was last in Sweden. Linkin Park performed at the Bråvalla Festival last year on the One More Light European Tour, a special show which featured the first time Mike rapped 'Petrified' on the tour (funny enough, 'Petrified' is now the main opener song for these sets) and featured Christian Lindskog of Blindside on 'One Step Closer' - the first time he's performed with the band on the song since 2003! Linkin Park took a bit to finally get to Sweden after cancelled performances in the country on both the Hybrid Theory and Meteora tours, but they finally made it in 2007 on the Minutes To Midnight Tour, with an opening set from Thirty Seconds To Mars, who, incidentally, Mike will be opening up for later on the tour. This show is famous for a specific moment: a fan throwing a bra on Mike's mic stand while he spoke about being on the road for the first time in awhile before 'No More Sorrow.' The band unfortunately had to cancel another show in the country the following year due to Brad being sick. This show was at the same festival the band was scheduled to play in 2003 - the Hultsfred festival, making it the first and only festival the band has ever had to cancel multiple appearances at. The band, thankfully, returned without having to cancel in 2011, performing Set B16 for the first time in Europe.


What can we expect at this show? Well for one, hopefully it won't be cancelled, since Sweden probably has one of the unluckiest track records in Linkin Park history (besides Winter U.S. Tours, which are always a disaster). Setlist wise, who knows. At this point, we can't predict anything. If you told us Mike would play 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love' on this tour, we would've laughed, but lo and behold, it happened. In a set that was literally changed from the bottom up. Anything is possible at this show, so let us know what you want to see happen. A different set of singles in the piano medley after 'In The End?' Perhaps a full version of 'Cigarettes?' More surprises, like maybe 'It Goes Through' or 'No Roads Left?' The possibilities are endless. We have a discussion up about the songs fans want to see most on this tour, and slowly but surely the requests are being knocked out one by one... and we can only expect that to continue.


A classic video on the LP scene, a fan (with incredible aim) throwing a bra onto Mike's micstand while he talks at the band's concert in Stockholm in 2007.


Who's going to the show? The tour's winding down, with headlining shows in Germany and Austria left before Mike opens up for Thirty Seconds To Mars in Italy. Keep an eye out for that show, because a collaboration is seemingly likely! After a well-deserved month's break, Mike will return for an extensive North American run on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.


We'll be keeping you updated on everything that happens at this show, so be be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world! We just launched the new LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world, and we'll also be uploading videos from the Post Traumatic Tour there, too. Be sure to subscribe!

Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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Damn. Amazing. Where at in the set?


It was after Papercut, Mike said "Let me try something with you guys" (or something similar) and went to the crowd. I have two clips of this (I accidentally stopped recording on the first clip) :)




I was also lucky and managed to get one setlist from Lorenzo. But I saw him handing out like three setlists, does all of them have the same drawing by Mike?

Also there seemed to be some fuck up with the setlists before the show, the stage worker (I don't know his name, some young guy with shorts) took some setlists from the drawer and taped them down and after discussing with someone, he took 'em up and replaced them.

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