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Chester Collaborated With Slash For His Solo Album


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In an interview recently, famous guitarist Slash (Guns N' Roses) revealed that for his 2010 solo album, he had collaborated with Chester for a song called 'Doctor Alibi.'


According to Slash, the song was recorded, however Linkin Park's management at the time didn't allow for it to be released. Instead, 'Doctor Alibi' features the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. Slash explained: "But speaking of Chester [bennington], and I forgot all about this until just recently, when I was doing my first solo record, I worked with a lot of different people, some of whom, for whatever reason, didn’t end up on the record. One was with Chester. We did a song and Linkin Park at the time didn’t allow it to happen, so I did it with Lemmy [Kilmister]. The guy who engineered my demos sent it to me and I sent it to Chester’s family. But it was a trip cause the song [called “Doctor Alibi”] really speaks to his state of mind."


He continued, explaining that he'd like to release the song with Chester's vocals, but it's up to his family now to decide: "His family has got it so it would be totally up to them. It was really good. He was awesome. It would be fine with me if they wanted to [release] it. Musically it’s basically the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant." The lyrics of the song are very true to what Chester went through, and it'd certainly be a very cool yet powerful performance to hear.



Would you like to hear 'Doctor Alibi' with Chester? Hopefully we'll be able to see the song get released soon. 'Doctor Alibi' was released on Slash's eponymous 2010 record. His upcoming record, featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, entitled Living The Dream, is out next month. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world!

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Well that's good news that Slash turned it over to the family. That's the best news of all. Talinda is the classiest person of all (besides Mike/LP) and hasn't blocked literally anything. So there is a great chance we see that in the future.


It has barely been a year. I think we see this stuff eventually. 2019 might be when stuff finally starts dropping. There is surely quite a bit of material like this.

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Holy shit! I always wondered why Chester wasn't on his album, since practically everybody was on it. And funny thing, I was recently listening to Slash's album at work a few days ago, and this song really stuck with me. I have been listening to it a lot lately, and to think that this is the one that Chester recorded is amazing!

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