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"Enth E Nd" Music Video on LP YouTube


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For all of you 'Reanimation' fans on here...

The music video for the remix of Linkin Park's arguably biggest hit "In The End", titled "Enth E nd", was uploaded today on to Linkin Park's official YouTube channel.

The remix was made by KutMasta Kurt and it features hip-hop artist Motion Man. The track was part of the remix album 'Reanimation', which was released back in 2002.
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LOL, the audio quality which youtube make to 360p videos is just pathetic! (96 kbps).



I can't believe that they uploaded the video in 360p it looks like they took it from the old VHS rip

The VHS rip would look even worse. The DVD Enth E Nd video vob file (which I think is the source they used) have 720x480 if you upload straight this vob on yt, YouTube will create max 360p quality, because there is no proper resolution to create 480p (852x480).


I remember that there's a promo DVD with this video in good quality, does anyone have it?


Usually all vob videos from DVDs have good quality, but to get 480p quality on YouTube, you would have to edit it and change the resolution of it.


this is it, great quality!

The resolution of this was resized from DVD source to 1080p quality, so that's not the real 1080p quality and even 480p either.

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I believe that the version LP uploaded to their YT channel is sourced from the version used on

MTV2's Playback program back in 2002.


You can see that there are black bars on the top and bottom and the video is 4:3 letterbox stretched to 16:9.


Here's an upload of that same version, but recorded from MTV2:



That makes me wonder if they still have the raw Reanimation videos somewhere in their vault as well as the other MTV2 ones?


Also, Decon Media (now Mass Appeal) uploaded the video back in 2008 and that version is sourced from the Reanimation DVD. That version was 4:3 pan and scan, no black bars.


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