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Is Linkin Park playing in the UK in June?


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At this point, you would've thought that the band's upcoming summer European tour has been completely confirmed, but it seems there is a possibility that the band may be adding one more show to it: the United Kingdom.


The band's production manager Jim Digby tweeted a picture today of the crew getting one of the band's summer touring rigs ready for their European Tour then. What's interesting is that the paper taped to the rig says "UK June A-Rig," hinting that they may be using that rig in the UK.


EDIT: Digby replied saying: "sorry y'all it's just the freight destination where it gets on the trucks"




This could mean multiple things. What seems most logical given everything we know is that the band will be using the UK as the "storage" area so they can ship out the rigs to the rest of Europe from one centralized location. On the other hand, a Pheonix interview from October 2016 says the band has a UK Tour planned for this year. Normally we would cite something more recent, but so far everything he said about the timeline in that interview has been correct: music released early in the year, a European Tour, Asia Tour, US Tour (which we could've guessed regardless), and a UK Tour. There is definitely time at the beginning of the tour: the band (or by extension, Mike) doesn't have to be in mainland Europe until June 7, as Mike has a keynote address to deliver at a music tech convention in France on that day. They could easily play a few shows at the beginning of June and the end of May.


What are your thoughts? It seems feasible, but it's all a matter of how you look at it. The One More Light touring rumors thread was just updated with the latest information, so be sure you check it out an discuss other rumors there. The band's next performance is at the ECHO Awards in Berlin, Germany, so we may be on the verge of the band's first full performance - it seems pretty unlikely they fly to Germany for just a single song performance alone. Mike said the band has show plans for March and April, so something will definitely be coming soon. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest info on the band!


Check out the band's 2017 touring schedule here.

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