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Linkin Park to perform March shows


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So the gap between Heavy and One More Light won't be as empty as we think. Along with Invisible being rumored for release later this month, Mike has now announced on Instagram that Linkin Park will be performing more shows this month.


The band has been in extensive rehearsals since late January and we now know that they have worked up at least four new songs - Heavy, Invisible, One More Light, and Talking To Myself.


To start the video, he says he just came from rehearsals on March 7th. Mostly he goes back and forth with fans about random things, but he mentions he saw the video clips of One More Light and Talking To Myself from the Warner Bros. Party on the 6th that fans were talking about online.



Since nothing has been announced officially, these could be surprise performances. Everything is unknown, from what continents they'll play on, if they'll be full shows or stripped down performances, or when they will even be. We'll be sure to update everyone when we get information.


By the way, give Linkinpedia a visit this week as the team has been hard at work on new album pages for One More Light and the songs included on it.

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I have to say that the Linkinpedia staff really is absolutely amazing. I've been visiting the site a lot, and the amount of care and research that goes into the site is incredible, not to mention the constant updates to keep up with the flow of information now coming in about the new album/songs. Seriously awesome stuff that is all very much appreciated.

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