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"Sailing Through The Clouds" featuring Rob


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After the complete surprise last year, when we've found that The Visionaries demo with Linkin Park was uploaded to Bandcamp 7 months without us getting notice, nobody even had the idea that it'll happen again so soon.


This time we are talking about a song called "Sailing Through The Clouds", which was recorded around 1999-2000 and completed around late 2015 by Zayed Hassan and featuring Rob Bourdon, Victor Agbo and Bill Burley.


In early October, Linkin Park did a mentoring session with Zayed Hassan, the grand prize winner of the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest, at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. During the sessions, Rob recorded drums for the song.



This is what Zayed wrote about the song in his SoundCloud page:

I started working on "Sailing through the clouds" back in 1999-2000. I only knew how to play guitar back then. Since I had no professional setup back then, so I used to input the midi notes from my guitar to my music arranging software manually- one by one. However over the time the tune evolved, harmony of the song took better shapes and elements of the song kept changing. Later when I started to collaborate with artists around the world, I asked many of my musician friends to contribute for this song. My sole purpose was to make a track, that speaks about different cultures and ethnicity, through the language of music!


You can listen to the song for free here, and/or purchase it via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon, and don't forget to check Sailing Through The Clouds page on Linkinpedia for updates.

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Interesting song, though an acquired taste. You can really hear the Indian meets African influence on it, which is cool.


It doesn't feel to me like this is a song that took 16-17 years to make, though. Perhaps not in a structural and spiritual way but rather by means of technology is what took this song so long to do.

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It's kinda sad that this is the first time that Rob collaborates with someone (Visionaries doesn't count)

no one loves Brad, Phi and Rob.


This track is not bad but i don't like this kind of music.

He also played drums on the Ryan Giles track from LPU 13.

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