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Found an old set list from 2001.


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Info on the seller's location and what it came with on eBay might help us out.


I know it's not Docklands 2001 because it has Step Up, so I thought it was Manchester ever since you sent this to me months ago. I guess I missed that Manchester doesn't have And One. So it LIKELY isn't from Europe, we can eliminate about 7 of those 10 shows in Europe.


What we do know is that it's the setlist on the Countdown to Revolution Tour in fall 2001. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2001/20011127
There were 9 shows on that tour. That tour had High Voltage dropped something after Kansas City, which is one of just three confirmed setlists we have from the tour. Those are reliable since LP fansites existed at the time and the sets were reported ASAP afterward to them (Omar, PMA, Sebastian, etc).

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My December didn't have cello or live drums until the Countdown to Revolution tour, so go ahead and rule out Europe completely. So yeah, one of the first 7 shows from Countdown to Revolution.

Also, that's Phoenix's setlist, the numbers refer to his basses. 1 is Db tuning, 2 is Eb tuning, 5 is his 5-string (3 and 4 were backups for 1 and 2).

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