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Monster Mash Changes


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Linkin Park's final festival show of the year is this weekend on Sunday, November 1st at Tempe, Arizona's Monster Mash. A lot of changes have happened to the festival for this weekend, so we wanted to give you guys an update in case you are going...

Per the Monster Mash website:
- Friday, October 30th is CANCELED completely. The lineup for Friday was Santana, John Fogerty, and Tedeschi Trucks Band.
- On Sunday, November 1st, Halestorm has CANCELED. Replacing Halestorm will be Puscifer.
- Originally, the festival had TWO stages. They are now down to ONE stage. Linkin Park was initially headlining the East Stage with Deftones and Ghost opening. Now, the lineup for Sunday will be Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Puscifer, and Ghost.
- Linkin Park's set time is now 90 minutes. Originally, the festival website reflected Linkin Park as playing a full headlining setlist. Due to the changes in the lineup, stages, and festival organization, the band has been bumped down to a 90 minute setlist.


"SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE" takes on a new meaning for this festival.


The 90 minute setlist for this summer was last played at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI in June. That setlist can be viewed here, and doesn't include Points Of Authority or Final Masquerade. If the band changes something, we will be surprised, but it is possible for sure.

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