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Just a friendly heads up...thanks to Dmitry, we now have finally obtained LPLive.com for our website all these years later! This has been something we've aimed for for quite some time and the opportunity did not arise until this month.


You can now use LPLive.com OR LPLive.net to access the website.

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I don't know how much you guys care about your search engine ranking but if you keep it the way it is now (you enter lplive.com but all the links on the page point to lplive.net) you will probably lose some ranks. It's better to redirect to one domain that you want to use (so for example if I enter lplive.com/forum/ it should redirect to lplive.net/forum/ immediately). It's also a bit confusing for a user if he enters lplive.com but is logged in at lplive.net. The user thinks he has to log in and after a click he lands on the login page as a logged in user.

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