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Learn to play the A Line In The Sand tapping solo with Brad


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Something new from the band: a guitar tutorial. Right from the band's rehearsals, learn how to play the tapping solo in 'A Line In The Sand' with Brad! He takes it slow at first, then gives you a taste of how he plays it live.


The band added 'A Line In The Sand' to their setlists back in May, and it's been rocking every crowd ever since it's debut.


See 'A Line In The Sand' live when Linkin Park wraps up The Hunting Party Tour in Europe starting next Thursday, August 20 in Hasslet, Belgium at Pukkelpop. Check back here or follow us on Twitter for updates on the upcoming shows!

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INB4 Astat comes in correcting Brad on how he plays the solo differently from the tab he made.




He definitely drops down to the 3rd fret for the left hand part over the F5 chords on the studio recording:


Brad did mention he had to re-learn what he was playing in studio!

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