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A list of all the band's vinyls releases, including any related project vinyls. A big credit goes to LPCatalog for archiving the releases all over the years.



- Hybrid Theory:

- Reanimation:

- Meteora:

- Collision Course:

- Minutes To Midnight:

- A Thousand Suns:

- Living Things:

- Recharged:

- The Hunting Party:


- One Step Closer:

- H! Vltg3:

- Somewhere I Belong:

- Faint:

- Numb/Encore

- What I've Done

- Bleed It Out:

- Shadow Of The Day:

- Given Up:

- We Made it:


- The Hip Hop Remixes

- LPU 9: Demos




The X-Ecutioners:

- Built From Scratch:

- It's Goin' Down:

Fort Minor:
- Remember The Name;

Dead By Sunrise:

- Out Of Ashes:

Stone Temple Pliots With Chester Bennington:

- High Rise:

Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese:

- The Raid: Redemption:

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I've recently started collecting vinyls. I have

Hybrid Theory

One Step Closer (RSD Version)



Collision Course

Minutes To Midnight

Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes

A Thousand Suns

The Hunting Party


Not going to bother collecting side projects, etc. but I plan on having all of LP's shit on vinyl that I can possibly get.

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Why not better organize the list by release? for example:

Hybrid Theory:

  • 2000 - United States, 12", 9 47755-2, Non-Gatefold
  • 2000 - United States, 12", 9 47755-2, Gatefold
  • 2001 - United Kingdom, 12", 9362-47755-1
  • 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-532432, RSD Reissue
  • 2013 - European Union, 12", 9362-49477-5, RSD Reissue
  • 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-536985, Reissue
  • 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-536240, Clear, Hot Topic Exclusive
  • 2014 - European Union, 12", 9362-49414-2, Reissue

PS: Missing Reanimation Canada Reissue, Germany and UK.

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