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Kenna to work with Mike again


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You heard it on LPLive first - we have a fan-submitted article from an interview with Kenna that states he's going to be working with Mike on a new EP entitled "MSTSMF Outtakes", to be released later this year. Other guests include Questlove, James Valentine from Maroon 5, and The Cool Kids. As we all know, Kenna dropped some vocals on 'Red To Black' and 'The Hard Way' on Mike's Fort Minor album The Rising Tied in 2005. It seems the two are now pairing up yet again.


"According to the Kenna Buzzine Interview, Chad & Kenna are working their asses off to release 4 EP’s this year which are based on Emerson’s "Self-Reliance" and some unreleased "MSTSMF" tracks and last but not least a new album "Songs For Flight" for the next year. Kenna also revealed that they worked with JoJo.


Kenna Projects:

MSTSMF Outtakes (EP) (2009)

Featuring The Cool Kids, Questlove, Mike Shinoda, James Valentine (Maroon 5)"


Kenna later went on to answer this question:


"RJ: What can fans expect to hear on Sounds for Flight?"


"K: The unexpected. It’s nothing like anything anyone has heard before. I’ve already started that as well — I’m two songs in. So that album is definitely going to be an interesting departure. I might actually put one more EP out before those Atlanta Air Chronicles, but I’m not sure yet. I’m just deciding right now. One that’s a Make Sure They See My Face revisited that kind of has songs that didn’t make the record, and the Cool Kids version of “Loose Wires” and an addendum to “Loose Wires,” and the “Black Goodbye Ride” song that I did with Questlove and something I did with Mike Shinoda, and something I did with James Valentine from Maroon 5. We’ll see. I’m in the middle of it right now. Thanks To Dre."


Source HERE. Thanks to 'Rade' for the news!


Also, thanks for the Julien-K questions - they have been sent off so I'll let you know when they come back to us answered and ready to go.

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Pretty awesome. I hope Mike lays down some vocals.

Same here. I think it's likely he will. I've been dying for Mike to do another song with:

-Someone from Cypress Hill (CHECK, that's coming up soon)

-Kenna (CHECK, that's going to happen)

-Lupe Fiasco (CHECK, he produced 'The Instrumental' but I'd love for him to lay vocals down with Lupe again, oh shit man)


And either Black Thought (his voice is very unique and cool to me) or K'naan (hell yeah).


This will be sweet. I'm a big fan of 'Red Man' by Kenna...I need to explore his other shit too.

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Sweet!! Red To Black was my fav song off The Rising Tied!!! And who says Mike can't rap? If anything he raps better than he used to!!! Yea he doesn't that much anymore but he still is The Man!! Plus there will prob be more rapping on the new album.

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