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2014.10.06 - Birmingham, AL, Iron City


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Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will be playing the final show of their short southern USA leg tonight in Birmingham, Alabama at Iron City. This will be the second show in Alabama on the tour.


The band performed a shortened setlist at their previous show in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louder Than Life festival, but still made it interesting by switching up the order of the songs despite dropping some of the newly added ones like 'Heaven And Hot Rods' from the set. The band added three new songs that Chester hadn't performed with them previously at the first show in Mobile, Alabama at the Bayfest: 'Sin', 'Heaven And Hot Rods', and a new 2014 Version of 'Plush'.


Check out this epic performance of the new version of 'Plush' from the Louder Than Life festival recently! Do you think STPWCB will add another song or two for this last show?

Who's heading to the show? This will be the last Stone Temple Pilots show until the end of the month, when they play a show on Halloween night in Mashantucket, Connecticut. Linkin Park will be embarking on their short South American Tour in Brazil in a few weeks, and then for a few one-off shows near the end of the month. After that, Linkin Park will be going on a huge European Tour in November, meaning this may be the end of STP Touring for this year. Follow us on Twitter @LiveSTP for updates on the show or check back here for updates!


Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.

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The show was AMAZING. I was on the rail, middle, but just a little to the right of the mic stand. The entire band was flawless and they put on a GREAT show. Chester was blowing up all over the place, the DeLeo's were groovin' and melting faces and Kretz provided the steady backbone for the entire show. Chester was shaking hands and kissing babies the entire show. He was having the time of his life.

Some memorible moments for me were: Robert DeLeo throwing me his slide and I suck at catching and knocked it into the photo pit. The one and only Harry Reese slid in to take some pics and other people were asking him to pick it up. I guess he didn't care or thought he dropped something because he reached down, pocketed the slide, and went about his job. Haha. Another is Chester pointing me out during Blackheart cause I knew the words. Yay!

It was very clear that the band did not know what to expect of this show. Tickets sales were not that great and were eventually put on BOGO. Obviously, they didn't expect a packed house when they came out, but that's what they got! Chester kept thanking the crowd, making jokes, and having fun on stage with the band. During the encore, Chester said it was one of the best shows he's played. (I know he says this a lot, but he went on to emphasize that the club scene was the heart & soul of Rock and Roll and we proved it last night.) He even pointed over to Dean and said that he said it was one of the best crowds that he had played to in a while. The ENTIRE band was really impressed with how everything went. I hope this means they come back soon with a better known opening band. Wray was fine, they jammed, but every song of theirs sounded the same and was VERY Hipster-ish with the wave/water/WahWah effect on the guitar on EVERY SONG....

Alas, it was great to finally get to see Chester with STP, and to see how much fun they are having together. I HIGHLY recommend to go check them out if you can.






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From what I can see off a quick browse of the set - changed order, added Sex & Violence. Anything else? I'd check details but my next class is about to start :P


Great review, LPFreak!

Sex & Violence instead of Hollywood Bitch. Same songs from the 10/3 show otherwise, slightly different order.

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