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Carnivores Tour Rehearsal on August 6th


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Carnivores Tour kicks off on August 8th, 2014 in West Palm Beach, Florida. It will be Linkin Park's first return to the city since Projekt Revolution 2008. Like Honda Civic Tour and the A Thousand Suns North American Tour (the last two tours in the USA/Canada), there will be a production rehearsal before the tour that fans will be able to attend.


On August 6th, 2014, Linkin Park will set up shop at Cruzan Amphitheatre for their rehearsal. This is two days before the tour starts and will avoid three performances in a row for the band to kick off Carnivores.


93X in Minneapolis has a contest where the winner gets to fly out and attend the rehearsal and the show on the 8th. We are expecting the LPU to announce something for fans to win entry as well, similar to Honda Civic Tour in 2012.


Thanks to Astat for the heads up!

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Same. Let's get down there on the 5th then. Screw it, looks like a 3-4 day residency in WPB haha. Fine with me since that's the best beach in America that I've been to....really epic. And the venue kicks ass - this is a fantastic place to kick off a tour. Huge party vibes.

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