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2014.06.12 - Interlaken, Switzerland - Greenfield

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On June 12th, Linkin Park performs the second to last show on their European Tour, show number eight of nine, in Interlaken, Switzerland for Greenfield. The band has never played at this festival before, but they were booked to headline it for the eighth show of the European Tour in June 2008. Unfortunately, Hultsfred and Greenfield were canceled that year because Brad became sick mid-tour and he was advised not to travel. That was their second time cancelling Hultsfred (first time coming in 2003) too.


The band's first show in Switzerland didn't come until 2007, when they headlined Hallenstadion in Zürich. That's the show where the famous "fuck yo side" 'Bleed It Out' came from. Basel got a show on the short tour in winter 2008. They canceled Interlaken 2008, but returned in 2009 and again in 2010 to headline Hallenstadion.


Linkin Park skipped over Switzerland on the short 2012 tour in Europe in May/June, but they likely would have returned in fall 2012. The last show in the country was on July 2, 2011 for the festival called OpenAir St. Gallen. You might remember the Arras, France show and St. Gallen show as being the two shows in a row (first time in the band's history) where One Step Closer was dropped from the setlist. The reaction to that was very mixed, with some fans saying it was time for the song to take a break while others said that it is a staple in the Linkin Park shows and should always be somewhere on the setlist. From 2007 to 2011, Switzerland had at least one show every year by Linkin Park. With no show since 2011, this will be a very welcoming show for the band in the country. It will be Linkin Park's sixth show in Switzerland.


At the last show in Milano, the band stuck to the same setlist we've been seeing on this tour and we expect it at Greenfield as well. Greenfield might be the last ever performance of this setlist start-to-finish. Milano capped off the very successful headlining shows of the tour as the band will finish this tour with two festivals. Both Poland and Italy brought in over 30,000 fans for their headlining shows and we all know Russia packed it out as always. Rumors are VERY strong that the band will return in the fall for a headlining European Tour for The Hunting Party as well.



Mike spoke in Italian in Milano before Until It's Gone to tell fans to film the song, which will have a live video released for it soon (with the equivalent of DSP audio) that is made up of fan videos from the show. When They Come For Me made an appearance over the Mike solo medley, making the "verse score" now:

Skin To Bone remix: 5 (Tucson, Rock In Rio, St. Petersburg, Wrocław, Rock im Park)

When They Come For Me: 2 (Moscow, Milano)

Hands Held High: 1 (Rock am Ring)


Will we see another verse over it this tour? What else do you think would fit over the medley? Maybe Step Up? We are suspecting that this might be a source of creativity for Mike on Carnivores Tour this summer, similar to Points Of Authority from 2007 to 2009, when it featured many different Linkin Park and Fort Minor verses over its intro and outro.


And the crew seems to be having fun on this tour as well - here they are jamming to Faint at Rock am Ring as the doors were opening.



On the Main Stage for this festival, Linkin Park performs before Dropkick Murphy's, who will close the stage after the LP set. Before the band will be Gogol Bordello, Bring Me The Horizon, Zebrahead, Donots, Talco, and Alphornbläser.


If you're seeing shows on this tour, we are collecting tickets, passes, wristbands, etc for our show pages! Let us know if you'd like to contribute anything! After this show, one show remains for the successful European Tour - Download Festival. That show is the holy grail of the tour! We will get into all of those details after Greenfield, so stay tuned. For the full 2014 touring schedule, click here.

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Doesn't seems like the crew is having fun, they are just like ''Meh, we have to play this shit again''


I want to listen to Dedicated in the Mike's solo section or the other verse of Until It Breaks.

I think that they just don't like that people are watching, cause that usually doesn't happen. People came in right when they started the song. I think it looks like that they actually aborted it.

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It's cool that Mike switches things up but I think that the IBG remix verse is the best because he drops his shit. HHH and WTCFM rte cool but they sound way more slow and boring and it's Mike Solo! so he better drops his shit!

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lplive confirmed it on their twitter already ;-) (even before the show started, besides HHH)


Sam gave me the setlist before the show started ;)



Shoutout to Mike S for getting the HHH verse over it! Good job. Hope you had fun at the show. Epic backdrop from that venue wow. Right in the mountains.

The show was awesome, did some videos, gonna upload them soon.

Mike was really nice and told after I asked him for HHH or APFMH at his medley that he did HHH before and that he will do it again for me :) He is such a nice guy!

LP really loved the energy from rhe crowd, even the crowd was kinda small compared to all other shows!

The location of the city and venue are really awesome, you have also a 360 degree view to mountains. Only the weather was not so nice, was raining almost the whole afternoon, but just before LP took the stage it stopped. Even during the M&G it was still raining a little bit.





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