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2014.06.10 - Milano, Italy - Alfa Romeo City Sound

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On June 10th, Linkin Park performs their first show in Italy since June 26, 2011, almost three years ago, when they performed at Sonisphere Italy in Imola. This show takes place at Ippodromo del Galoppo, an outdoor horse track, and it is expected to bring in over 30,000 fans like the recent Wrocław, Poland show.


The show is billed as part of the Alfa Romeo City Sound series, which is a festival/event that lasts all of June and July 2014 in Milano. Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy are the first show out of fourteen total during the two months. Other acts include Motorhead, Rob Zombie & Megadeath, ZZ Top, John Fogerty, Placebo, and Snoop Lion among others. Linkin Park performed at an event similar to this but that just lasted for a week when they played the Festival d'été de Québec in Québec in July 2008.


Linkin Park is not a stranger to Italy but it is a country in Europe that the band hasn't frequented very often lately. The first show for the band in Italy came in March 2001 on the Deftones' European Tour. They returned in September 2001 on the European Headlining Tour to play a special invite-only show for MTV Live, which you had to win tickets to. Six songs from that performance were shown on MTV that year.



The band returned to Milano in 2003, when they kicked off the LP Underground Tour and debuted Session, Foreword/Don't Stay, Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Faint, From The Inside, Hit The Floor, and Easier To Run live. To this date, that is still the concert with the most song debuts at once by Linkin Park! Not bad!


In 2007, they were scheduled to headline Heinekin Jammin' Festival in Venezia, but a tornado struck the site and forced Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, and others to cancel their sets. An interesting fact is that the band had to borrow gear for the next show (the last show of the tour in Europe) at NovaRock the next day because some of it was damaged in Italy. Luckily, the festival was able to get Linkin Park to return in 2008!


That 2008 show can be blamed for fueling the fire even more with the hardcore fans' obsession with Reading My Eyes! JomJom's Xero tape that he got signed at the show's M&G almost resulted in the band spontaneously adding Reading My Eyes in full to Set Z (the setlist at that show; aka one of the best setlists the band has ever played live), but Chester didn't want to play it at that show. Mike, though, added the verse to Bleed It Out for the very first time and the rest is history - it has made appearances all over the world ever since that show on Bleed It Out and even Points Of Authority in 2009. Thanks to JomJom for getting that started six years ago! Reading My Eyes has only been performed in full ten times total - four in 2006 in Japan and six times in Europe in 2008, but the first verse has shown up quite a bit...each year since 2008 (excluding 2014) in fact. Maybe it will make an appearance in 2014, or maybe the band will add the song back in full to the setlist someday. We did an extensive post on the song and its appearances when it came back in November 2010 on the A Thousand Suns World Tour, which you can read (and watch the videos) here. Here's that 2008 video...



Anyway, the last show in Italy was the Imola show in 2011, where the band played at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. This will be their SIXTH show in Italy ever, and our friends at LP Italy have all sorts of things planned for this show. They have been hard at work for months to plan some activities, including an LPU Meetups event occurring on the 9th. There will be a flashmob on Until It's Gone and the band will also be releasing an official live video of the song (with live audio, of course) at some point after the show, filmed by fans. Finally, Chester will be doing a signing at the Porsche Design Store in Milano earlier in the day before the show! Fall Out Boy will be opening this show, like they did for Poland and at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. Who will be attending this show?


We expect this setlist to be the same as the rest of the tour and expect it to only be performed two more times ever - in Milano and at Greenfield on the 12th, unless it stays around for the full show at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles later this month. The setlist will change for Download and for the shows on Carnivores, new setlists will be debuted. For the full 2014 tour schedule, including setlists, recording information, etc from shows on this European Tour, click here.

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So how was the show?

I was there and the show was incredible and insane everyone was on fire last night!

the setlist was the same as any other shows with Mike rapping WTCFM in his medley just like Moscow.

Also Mike before Until It's Gone talk (in italian) about how he needs help from the fans to film this song for the official music video.

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