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The Hunting Party Review by ArtistDirect

kiq fLP

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He is like me, it seems, because I love every LP release as well. I guess you could say I am a fanboy, though. Either way, this album sounds very promising and I am most excited to hear Keys to the Kingdom & War.

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Another standout, "Rebellion", sees Linkin Park team up with System of a Down shredder and singer Daron Malakian. He provides a distinct Middle Eastern groove as everybody teams up on a united vocal that's powerful enough to incite revolution. This is a special moment as it codifies the lasting power of the turn-of-the-century rock scene which spawned both groups.

This intrigues me, especially the Middle-Eastern groove part. APFMH 2.0?

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Just a heads up, this guy is always very over the top in his praise of pretty much everything and I certainly wouldn't take everything from an ArtistDirect review as gospel.


Nonetheless, interesting song descriptions.


Agreed. I remember their review of LT!

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