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Hello all and welcome to LPLive 5.0! We have changed a lot of things on the site, and you can view our list below of the major things that are different:

*Links on the new version of the site are now displayed in a new format due to a change in our database. HOWEVER, since we knew this would inconvenience others due to a ton of links to the site being out there on the web, these OLD links (on YouTube, Dimeadozen, other fansites and other websites) will continue to work (always) and will redirect to the NEW show pages.
Important note: For all shows after January 1, 2014 or later, please use the new link format for new shows.
We have left the core structure of the year pages and show pages the same as we feel that we have fine-tuned them over the years to show the information about the shows as accurately as possible. We have done quite a few changes though, which you find below!
General Site Updates
- "Redesign": As you can tell, the site has a fresh coat of paint (aka a theme redesign) as well as several theme options for you to choose from. There are wallpapers in the hybrid theme to choose from.
- "Mobile Forums": Visit the forums on a smartphone/cellphone and have a mobile theme come up for your convenience. This is only for the Newswire (homepage news) and the forums for now, but we are adding the rest of the site soon.
- "New Sections": Due to a few new projects of the band, we have added a few new sections to go along with them. For example, before 2012 there was no instance where two members of the band had appeared as a guest for another artist. Now that that has changed, we have a “Guesting" page under "Linkin Park" where you can view the times (right now there are four) where 2+ members of LP guested with someone else. Additionally, the Mike Shinoda guest appearances that were previously on the Fort Minor page are now on the brand new Mike Shinoda page (under "Related Acts") and even Mr. Hahn has his own page for his DJ sets that he has done. Most of you should be familiar with the Stone Temple Pilots page, as it was in the previous version of the website as well. Lastly, due to the Julien-K page growing bigger than we ever thought it'd grow, we have added a Julien-K tab and separated their shows by groups of two years (2007-2008, 2009-2010, etc).
- “Downloads Page”: The Downloads page received a nice overhaul and is now much more organized and has more downloads than we had before.
- "Search": A Google search app is on the site and will help visitors find specific things in the live guide (even sources).
- In perhaps the biggest addition to the website, we have created a wiki section of the site to have a home for all of the information that we have collected over the years on the forums (in lists) and in the "Site" column on the site, such as the Lists Of Songs Played Live, etc. Our goal is to cover information not covered by other Linkin Park wikis. Our wiki will focus on the live aspect of the band versus the general albums and songs that are covered by other fansites/wikis. We have a few brand new areas there like a Song Comparison Guide and most importantly, this is the NEW home of the Yearly Touring Summaries! All of the live content is there like the the Liberation List and the setlist pages from each year (and sometimes tour) that the band has rotated setlists (2007-now). We wrote about our exclusives too and made a nice new home for them.
Show Page Updates
- "New Show Pages": With our previous versions of the site, if we didn't have a setlist for a show, we didn't have a show page. With the launch of this new version, there is a show page for EVERY show we have in our database. This was important because for some shows, we had tickets, passes, posters, and information about opening bands, etc but we didn't have the setlists.
- "Cancelled shows": There are now show pages for every cancelled show for the band. You will be able to find all of the information about the lineup for the show, any pictures we have of tickets, posters, etc, and most importantly, the reason for the cancellation (almost always included is the official announcement by Linkin Park and/or the band members if they made one).
- "New Shows": We have added several missing performances to the guide, such as the 2011 Sunrise, FL rehearsal, a cancelled show in Frederiksberg, Denmark in 2001, and a few others. In 2002, 2004 and 2007, there were shows that were officially announced but later moved (sometimes the city/venue were moved or sometimes the dates were just moved around). Those shows are now on the live guide with explanations in the show pages. Family Values Tour 2001, Meteora World Tour 2004 and Projekt Revolution 2002 were all rerouted once or twice, so we have those shows listed...we MIGHT change the mess it made on the 2001/2004 show pages but we have left it this way for now.
- "Setlist Notes": The setlist notes that were incomplete for years have been completed for every show in the live guide. This mainly applied to 2000 and 2001 shows, but a few years had ones that were not as detailed as they should have been (2007 for example). Old notes written in first person from the 1.0/2.0 versions of the websites have been removed.
- "Debuts": The debuts section on the show pages is complete, so all shows where a song was debuted have this section below the show notes. For some songs, we do not have the exact debut (like for By Myself in the year 2000) so they will not be featured. In the future, we might add a button to year pages to see what shows had a live debut.
- "Missing Information": Some shows were missing "Event" descriptions, like Nottingham 2003 being a "BBC Radio 1 Secret Show', etc. Some tour stops were "festival" shows sponsored by the radio station...those are all added too. Next, we added states/provinces/prefectures/regions for all of the shows. Abbreviations are shown on the year pages unless no ISO code exists for the area (and in that case we used the country abbreviation and spelled out the name of the area on the show page). Due to this info being added, flags were put on the show pages so things didn't get too confusing about the location of the show. Lastly, there were a LOT of incorrect venue names. Studio names/numbers have been added and we have rechecked every venue name in the live guide.
- "Live Updates": We now have the ability to live update show pages much faster, like when a webcast is occurring or a setlist is being tweeted.
Year Page Updates:
- "Icons": You will notice on the year pages, where we previously had "S, P, T" for "Show Photo", "Poster," and "Ticket", we now have icons! The show photos and posters are now merged into just photos. And they have moved over to the left side of the page next to the date, instead of being on the right as they were before. There are icons that will allow you to easily see if we have a setlist from a show, a ticket (or tickets) from the show, and/or photos from the show. Additionally, there are new icons to indicate if the show was released as a DSP (Digital Souvenir Package) or not (as we anticipate a future release of pre-2007 shows) and if anything from the show was officially released digitally, on CD, on DVD or elsewhere.
- "Dates": Dates are now viewable in the year/month/day format instead of the previous format of day/month/year. This was done to match the link/url format.
- “Chester”: The entire Chester Bennington page has been reorganized to sort the shows better.
Other Additions:
- “Staff”: We have brought Thomas (Overkill) on board on our staff team - he is the man responsible for all of the new logos and banners in LPLive 5.0! We thank him tremendously for his work on the new site.
- “Rules”: Staff has updated the LPL terms and download forum rules and has added a new points method.
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My question is what the new points method is? Been trying to find stuff on it but having no luck


Edit: After seeing my post and the "0 warning points", I'm guessing that's what it refers to?

Yes, it's all in the revised rules.

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