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01.04.2014 Los Angeles, CA, Ohm Nightclub - DomainFest Private Party


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On April 1st, Stone Temple Pilots played their first show since December 2013. The show was a private gig for DomainFest in LA and was at the Ohm Nightclub.


4/29 EDIT: We got the setlist from DomainFest! Picture here.



01. Wicked Garden

02. Vasoline

03. Big Bang Baby

04. Out Of Time

05. Down

06. Piece Of Pie

07. Big Empty

08. Interstate Love

09. Hollywood Bitch

10. Dead And Bloated

11. Sex Type Thing

12. Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart

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The venue was the Ohm Nightclub in Los Angeles. You can see from this picture that they played 12 songs. https://twitter.com/ColinDotClub/status/451...1939584/photo/1 Once again, Chester went down into the crowd and hung out with fans and took pictures. What a total badass in my opinion...he's so humble and cool with fans. I really like that.


Unfortunately, guessing at that setlist is almost pointless. For example, the first line looks too long to even be 'Down'. We'll need to get someone with a setlist...not sure who that would be.


From Instagram videos, we can see that 'Vasoline' and 'Sex Type Thing' were performed.

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I completly hate Instagram... because of their shitty short video no one cares about recording the whole thing.

Honestly, I can see this being an issue in the future with fans of music at shows.

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