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LPU chat transcript with Lorenzo and Adam


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I'm not a big fan of doc files, can you do a pdf of html file that you can just view it in the browser?

Here you go:

[8:29 PM] SergSlim: Lorenzo, when approximately will M&G and Early Entrance be announced for Europe shows? WIll it be in a week, month...?
[8:29 PM] Lorenzo: Festivals - No Early Entry
[8:29 PM] SergSlim: Russia and Poland are not festivals, I guess?
[8:30 PM] Lorenzo: Headline stadium shows, we are working on details and possibiities.
[8:30 PM] SergSlim: I'm just curious about Poland, as it has Early Entrance tickets sold for higher price.
[8:30 PM] Lorenzo: Serg- we did not sell Early Entry Tickets 
[8:30 PM] arsel: speaking of EE, if I have a golden circle - early entry ticket for the show in Poland is that EE same as EE from LPU?
[8:30 PM] SergSlim: I wonder if buying normal Golden Circle ticket + LPU will also give an early entrance
[8:31 PM] Lorenzo: we did not sell LPU early Entry
[8:31 PM] arsel: I mean Eventim is selling Golden Circle Early Entrance tickets if there would be an ee from LPU
[8:32 PM] SergSlim: But But eventim does sell Early Entrance tickets - GC Early Entrance	Full Price Ticket	372
[8:32 PM] Lorenzo: The venue has their own rights
[8:32 PM] arsel: who goes in first;p
[8:32 PM] Lorenzo: if they sold EE tix, they were not LPU
[8:32 PM] arsel: what I'd like to know is which EE is more important cause I do have a ticket to the show and it's a GC EE ticket,  but if there should be a LPU early entrance for LPUers with our LPU pass - who goes first: those with ee tickets from Eventim or LPU ee?
[8:33 PM] SergSlim: Yeah, I understand that :) I just wonder if LPUers with GC tickets (non EE) will be able to enter early as well as those who bought GC EE tickets.
[8:33 PM] Lorenzo: As soon as we have details on Early Entry it will be posted on LPU
[8:34 PM] SergSlim: Any estimates on that? Week, month...?
[8:34 PM] Lorenzo: there is a chance no Early Entry at these shows at all. We are working on this. The shows are far away
[8:34 PM] SergSlim: OK, great. Hope it works out well for LPUers
[8:34 PM] Lorenzo: I will speak to production and try and push for this. its not up to us or LP team
[8:35 PM] Lorenzo: the venue etc..
[8:35 PM] arsel: well it doesn't really matter to me since I have my early entrance ticket

[8:28 PM] arsel: Lorenzo? the summit is it gonna be in EU or US;p ?
[8:29 PM] Lorenzo: we are looking now at the history of the Summit and working on the 10th.
[8:29 PM] anvanoppens: camden summit ftw
[8:29 PM] arsel: cool so you can see that there was no summit in here since 2011 :D
[8:29 PM] arsel: that's way too long;d

[8:31 PM] anvanoppens: Lorenzo, do you know anything about the exact date for RAR yet? LPL says it'll be 7th
[8:31 PM] Lorenzo: we havent announced the exact date for those shows
[8:32 PM] anvanoppens: so we can order day tickets in time

[8:35 PM] anvanoppens: lorenzo check my IG btw xD if you have time
[8:35 PM] Lorenzo: MS tattoo ?? looks awesome
[8:36 PM] anvanoppens: (since it's tiny, still hurt a lot tho)

[8:35 PM] aravind221: Loeenzo any idea why Lp chose czech rep for From the inside shoot
[8:35 PM] Lorenzo: not sure, but i love that song

[8:35 PM] SergSlim: If a person has LPU12 membership which is still valid on the date of the show, and there will be an Early Entrance, can he use his LPU12 laminate to enter early?
[8:36 PM] Lorenzo: Serg, Early Entry Laminate for LPU12 has expired even if membership is valid. LPU XIII Laminates will work only.
[8:36 PM] SergSlim: OK. Got it. Thanks

[8:34 PM] mariashmidt: hey what about LPU sammit in Sain-Petersburg?
[8:35 PM] deadzeezorn: Summit in Russia will be hard for international fans to attend it
[8:35 PM] kristina: all summits have 99% local fans lol(btw)
[8:36 PM] Lorenzo: not true. huge mix of international fans
[8:36 PM] deadzeezorn: @kristina No not really
[8:36 PM] deadzeezorn: :PP
[8:36 PM] arsel: true. I've been to 2 so far
[8:36 PM] deadzeezorn: there's many ppl travel to attend the summit
[8:36 PM] kevin: yeah its amazing how far people travel. natasha for instance
[8:36 PM] anvanoppens: people with money lol
[8:36 PM] arsel: and Hong Kong was truly a huge mix
[8:36 PM] arsel: ppl from all over the asia. some Europeans, americans
[8:37 PM] maryakira: Any chance of a Summit happening on South America this year?
[8:37 PM] anvanoppens: if i had more than 5eur to spare i'd fly out to summits as well
[8:37 PM] Lorenzo: @Mary, Summits depend on where the band plays. we schall see. 
[8:40 PM] maryakira: Just trying to see if there is a possibility hahaha :D .Thank you for the answer :)

[8:37 PM] SergSlim: M&G requires only an ID without laminate or anything else?
[8:37 PM] Lorenzo: ID works and valid LPU 12 or LPU XIII membership

[8:38 PM] kevin: busy day/week ahead?
[8:39 PM] Lorenzo: my list is longish 
[8:39 PM] arsel: that's long ?
[8:39 PM] Lorenzo: 9 things

[8:39 PM] SergSlim: When will the video with Warren be uploaded?
[8:39 PM] Lorenzo: which video?
[8:39 PM] SergSlim: LPU chat with Warren Willis
[8:40 PM] Lorenzo: I have it recorded. we gotta edit it and upload it this week
[8:40 PM] deadzeezorn: it's already in the video section
[8:40 PM] SergSlim: Great. Thanks
[8:40 PM] kevin: warren should stop by again like he said he would
[8:40 PM] Lorenzo: he will for sure
[8:40 PM] blackchester: kevin: he did
[8:40 PM] kevin: cool
[8:40 PM] debra: he did...a couple of nights ago
[8:40 PM] blackchester: within the last few days
[8:40 PM] Lorenzo: he likes stopping by
[8:40 PM] kevin: nooo, i missed it
[8:40 PM] Lorenzo: he has an LPU account
[8:41 PM] irene: kevin he tweeted friday he was in but i never saw it lol
[8:41 PM] blackchester: he usually announces it on twitter too ^^
[8:41 PM] deadzeezorn: Hey Lorenzo, while editing the Warren Video, don't show the fan comments. show only Warren talking
[8:41 PM] anvanoppens: yeah he's been in the chat a lot lately
[8:41 PM] deadzeezorn: Hey Lorenzo, while editing the Warren Video, don't show the fan comments. only his face. it would be nicer
[8:42 PM] SergSlim: What? Why? No, comments are great to read
[8:42 PM] Lorenzo: ok I wil lsee 

[8:41 PM] valgore1: And what about the new episodes LP LPU-TV and TV?
[8:41 PM] valgore1: LP-TV and LPU-TV*
[8:41 PM] Lorenzo: New LPU Episodes on PlugAir now
[8:41 PM] Lorenzo: they will be online tomorrow 
[8:41 PM] SergSlim: It does not work on my phone :(
[8:41 PM] irene: they're so funny plug air rocks

[8:41 PM] arsel: Milan meetup is gonna be on 9th , day before the show right ?
[8:42 PM] Lorenzo: MIlan meetup is tentatively being planned for June 9th
[8:42 PM] arsel: the I gues I'll have to fly out on 8th 

[8:42 PM] anvanoppens: no but seriously, have joe come in chat sometime
[8:42 PM] sd1: if people wanna request a signature for their account to show off on the LPU forum
[8:42 PM] Lorenzo: I am waiting to see which band member is available 
[8:42 PM] deadzeezorn: we want Mike
[8:43 PM] anvanoppens: it's been longer since joe chat
[8:43 PM] andreaok: I want any one of them please!
[8:43 PM] anvanoppens: his last one in 2012 i think, had technical issues 
[8:43 PM] kevin: i remember joe cancelling one of his
[8:43 PM] deadzeezorn: Rob
[8:43 PM] farahhu: Yeah anyone lol 
[8:43 PM] irene: hopefully after the new chat platform launches;)
[8:43 PM] sd1: i rather have the kids of chester to be on a chat... it would be cool to interview them. like how does it feel to have chester as their dad
[8:44 PM] arsel: not your business;p
[8:44 PM] sd1: .... i was talking about the awesome side of having him as a dad. not like i wanna become personal
[8:45 PM] arsel: but it is personal. you're talking about his kids. like I said , not your business
[8:45 PM] aravind221: god bless the kids 

[8:43 PM] arsel: An @ I'm finally gonna meet my italian friends after 4 years
[8:44 PM] Lorenzo: cool you will meet Italian friends

[8:43 PM] SergSlim: Lorenzo, how can LPUers get more points, to use in the store? After we complete a list.
[8:45 PM] SergSlim: How can we get more points to spend in store? Points for comments/posts/forum???
[8:45 PM] Lorenzo: points - just be active on LPU, make friends, message, write on their wall
[8:46 PM] lpwithme1: usually ppl confuse being active with spam as much as you want 
[8:46 PM] kristina: spam their walls :D
[8:46 PM] andreaok: please write on my wall :-(
[8:46 PM] anvanoppens: as long as you don't spam to get points :)
[8:46 PM] Lorenzo: It has to be real tho. like real conversations

[8:46 PM] sd1: lorenzo , i wanna have this shirt http://lpunderground.com/store/product/lpu-5-t-shirt1 in
[8:46 PM] sd1: M size, is it only available in XXL really?
[8:48 PM] Lorenzo: Sd-you want to get that shirt on the points?
[8:49 PM] sd1: yeah with points
[8:51 PM] sd1: so its not available in M size lorenzo?
[8:52 PM] Lorenzo: yes we have Ms for sure
[8:53 PM] sd1: but if its available in M size then why doesnt the page say so, it says XXL only
[8:53 PM] Lorenzo: I will have to check

[8:48 PM] Adam: oh snap. party up in here.
[8:48 PM] SergSlim: Hey, Adam!
[8:49 PM] Adam: what up tom and an
[8:49 PM] Lorenzo: good to meet you
[8:49 PM] Adam: lorenzo, my boyyy
[8:49 PM] Lorenzo: Adam!
[8:49 PM] Adam: whats going on in lpu land
[8:51 PM] Adam: i still look the same
[8:51 PM] irene: with his roadie black nonetheless;D
[8:51 PM] Adam: yeah still rockin roadie black
[8:51 PM] Lorenzo: Adan your camera quality is pretty legit 
[8:51 PM] blackchester: once roadie black always roadie black
[8:51 PM] anvanoppens: as long as you're roadie black you still have to be roadie on the EU festivals
[8:52 PM] viktoriyaeliseeva: Lorenzo, Adam, come to Russia! %)
[8:52 PM] Adam: i want to go back to russia!
[8:52 PM] irene: it's gottta be a mac. pooch's video quality was aweseom too 
[8:52 PM] Adam: i miss you too
[8:52 PM] deadzeezorn: Ok Summit in Russia
[8:52 PM] Adam: ueaj 
[8:52 PM] deadzeezorn: Mike Love Russia 
[8:52 PM] Adam: yeah i'm on a retina
[8:52 PM] lpwithme1: russia ftw lol

[8:53 PM] irene: are those your posters behind you adam?
[8:53 PM] Adam: yeah i have lp posters hanging in my office
[8:53 PM] Adam: reppin my moscow poster
[8:53 PM] Adam: and the UK tour poster
[8:54 PM] Adam: and an's shirt
[8:54 PM] irene: those are awesome posters
[8:54 PM] aravind221: Uk poster
[8:54 PM] Adam: tahts the uk poster from 2010
[8:54 PM] aravind221: 2010 ATS tour
[8:54 PM] Adam: ya

[8:47 PM] SergSlim: You said, that LPU9 Vinyl will maybe appear in store for points. Do you still remember it?
[8:47 PM] Lorenzo: yes we have extras
[8:54 PM] SergSlim: LPU9 Vinyls in store anytime soon?
[8:54 PM] Lorenzo: for purchase or points?
[8:54 PM] SergSlim: For purchase
[8:54 PM] Lorenzo: we can put some up, we have very few left
[8:54 PM] SergSlim: I guess it will cost a lot points, and I don't have many :) SO better be for real money

[8:54 PM] anvanoppens: adam still going to DL?
[8:54 PM] Adam: not sure if i'll be at DL or not
[8:54 PM] Adam: hope so
[8:55 PM] Lorenzo: Adam and I are both tryin to come to DL
[8:55 PM] blackchester: Adam you at DL? Would be epic! we could hang :D
[8:55 PM] Lorenzo: wish us luck!
[8:55 PM] aravind221: Adam and lorenzo in mosh
[8:55 PM] Adam: yeah tom that would be great
[8:55 PM] deadzeezorn: I hope u can make it even if I will be not there
[8:56 PM] Adam: i told lorenzo that you europeans are good at buying me beer when i go over there
[8:56 PM] aravind221: lmao
[8:56 PM] Adam: so keep it up when lorenzo goes HA
[8:56 PM] Lorenzo: haha
[8:56 PM] anvanoppens: i wonder how DL beer is like :)
[8:56 PM] wiolp: Polish beer;D
[8:57 PM] anvanoppens: what beer do they have at DL
[8:57 PM] aravind221: they have Buds all time
[8:57 PM] Adam: an still wins by serving me beer out of the back of a car on the streets of berlin - that was legit
[8:57 PM] blackchester: haha
[8:57 PM] blackchester: my car was too far away
[8:57 PM] Lorenzo: Tom you going to both shows?
[8:57 PM] blackchester: yes
[8:57 PM] anvanoppens: lol adam, i was at least 2nd place
[8:57 PM] Lorenzo: is that legal? in Berlin?
[8:57 PM] anvanoppens: i know who won at serving you beer xD
[8:57 PM] kristina2: russian beer ftw xD
[8:57 PM] Adam: we weren't sure if it was legal, but we did it anyway
[8:57 PM] Lorenzo: probably is
[8:57 PM] deadzeezorn: lucky tom
[8:58 PM] Adam: it was legal in hamburg when i was there
[8:58 PM] Lorenzo: that why the EU is awesome , little rules 
[8:58 PM] blackchester: it's legal in germany to drink in public places
[8:58 PM] anvanoppens: i heard it's not legal in belgium, boo
[8:58 PM] blackchester: got my DL ticket for xmas, bought my RaR ticket because I won an eventim gift card :3
[8:58 PM] Lorenzo: Eventim is a ticketing company ?
[8:58 PM] blackchester: yes
[8:58 PM] Lorenzo: that's dope
[8:58 PM] Lorenzo: stoked for you Tom
[8:58 PM] blackchester: they got like 200.000 fans on facebook in december
[8:58 PM] blackchester: and I won they "little" giveaway with a 100€ voucher :3
[8:59 PM] blackchester: so looking forward to DL and RaR
[8:59 PM] anvanoppens: adam comes in and the beer talk starts again, tsss
[8:59 PM] Adam: hahaha
[9:00 PM] Adam: beer was the best part about touring
[9:00 PM] anvanoppens: lorenzo is not much of a beer guy i think
[9:00 PM] Adam: i tried a local beer from every country i went to
[9:00 PM] mands1505: lmao... no beer sucks :-P
[9:00 PM] SergSlim: Wow!
[9:00 PM] Lorenzo: I don't drink that much 

[8:56 PM] SergSlim: Lorenzo, can you ask Fiore to share his Snax tour dates list with LPL?
[8:56 PM] aravind221: snax dates is never coming
[8:56 PM] Lorenzo: I can ask him 
[8:56 PM] SergSlim: WOuld be awesome!
[8:56 PM] Lorenzo: no problem
[8:56 PM] SergSlim:;)

[8:58 PM] aravind221: will 2013 Dsps cme out anytime specially HK
[8:58 PM] SergSlim: Oh, DSPs... We miss them
[8:59 PM] Lorenzo: unfortuntely now news on DSps
[8:59 PM] aravind221: :3\\ oki
[8:59 PM] Lorenzo: sorry guys, once we have news, I will post 
[8:59 PM] SergSlim: That's bad to hear.
[8:59 PM] sebainc: lorenzo could you ask for the berlin 2012 dsp again maybe its possible now to publish it :
[8:59 PM] aravind221: Dsps are biggest memorbilas lorenzo
[8:59 PM] Lorenzo: I know, I love the DSPs too and beer
[9:00 PM] Lorenzo: trust me guys -  as soon as I know I will post

[9:00 PM] aravind221: Adam do u remember Kken was in birmingham show 2010?
[9:00 PM] Adam: i wasn't at the birmingham show in 2010. i was only in london
[9:01 PM] aravind221: ken block came to hang out with the abnd
[9:01 PM] Lorenzo: hes cool
[9:00 PM] sebainc: ah btw lorenzo i got an package from beverly hills;) thx
[9:00 PM] Lorenzo: what was the box?
[9:01 PM] sebainc: the signed poster
[9:01 PM] Lorenzo: nice!
[9:01 PM] Lorenzo: happy you got the signed poster

[9:00 PM] SergSlim: Adam, to bad you didn't visit Ukraine in 2012.
[9:01 PM] Adam: yeah i wanted to go to ukraine but had to go home after Moscow. i was not happy about it
[9:01 PM] SergSlim: :(
[9:01 PM] Lorenzo: Ukraine would be awesome
[9:01 PM] SergSlim: I hope we get a show here this summer, and Lorenzo comes :)

[9:01 PM] mands1505: At least you got to do the South African tour :P
[9:01 PM] Adam: yeah south africa was AWESOME

[9:01 PM] aravind221: lorenzo did u go malaysia?
[9:01 PM] Lorenzo: no
[9:01 PM] aravind221: aww
[9:02 PM] Lorenzo: I was fortunate to be in Asia and hit up Tokyo and the Summit, a really a great experience

[9:02 PM] SergSlim: Lorenzo, btw, does LP Street Team still work? It was great being a part of it earlier.
[9:03 PM] SergSlim: I got some awesome stuff in auctions there for promoting LP in my city.
[9:03 PM] Lorenzo: LPST is no active right now. But all of you are soldies so dont worry 
[9:03 PM] anvanoppens: but LPST NEEDS to be active again
[9:03 PM] SergSlim: I got Transformers poster from LPST, similar to what blackchester has in background :)
[9:04 PM] blackchester: I got mine from the german warner streetteam back in the days
[9:04 PM] blackchester: one of the last things they did before they stopped working.. they wanted to reboot it ever since. never happened :(
[9:04 PM] anvanoppens: i'll volunteer for LPST haha
[9:04 PM] Lorenzo: love it
[9:04 PM] Lorenzo: we all like the Street Team, I was on it during MTM
[9:05 PM] anvanoppens: i was on the top rankings for a while there xD for online promoting etc, on points, i bought a few points auctions back then xD, i miss those times
[9:05 PM] Adam: oh man old lpst points
[9:05 PM] anvanoppens: free stuff haha
[9:05 PM] Adam: god that site was a nightmare, haha
[9:05 PM] SergSlim: lol
[9:05 PM] anvanoppens: it has to come back. why was it a nightmare?
[9:06 PM] blackchester: yeah, the site was horrible
[9:06 PM] Adam: the backend was awful
[9:06 PM] blackchester: frontend too. ^^
[9:06 PM] Adam: haha yeah true
[9:06 PM] SergSlim: I wonder how huge was email traffic for that LPST site, when people sent all thier photos
[9:06 PM] Lorenzo: I remember that site 
[9:06 PM] anvanoppens: free point auctions was all that mattered to me haha
[9:06 PM] Lorenzo: the surveys! 
[9:06 PM] Adam: hahah it was lots.  god i had to go through those!!! then i got interns and made them do it
[9:07 PM] Lorenzo: I had lots of points and then it shut down. haha
[9:07 PM] SergSlim: Same here
[9:07 PM] anvanoppens: no but seriously need volunteers to do this? since it HAS to come back
[9:07 PM] Lorenzo: nothing for LPST right now
[9:07 PM] Adam: i kind of started using LPU as the LPST. just had you guys help me with stuff. Haha.  way easier
[9:07 PM] Lorenzo: we are all soldiers wether ot not there is a website for LPST or not. LPU is the Street Team pretty much
[9:08 PM] deadzeezorn: instead of having LPST it would be better to have LP Twitter Team

[9:03 PM] lubanikitina: I Luba and I want a summit in Russia
[9:03 PM] Lorenzo: haha
[9:03 PM] Lorenzo: hey Luba!
[9:05 PM] viktoriyaeliseeva: I am Victory and I want summit in Russia too. We all want it;)

[9:04 PM] sebainc: lorenzo please get sean in here for an crew chat someday
[9:05 PM] Lorenzo: I am working on it
[9:05 PM] Lorenzo: Sean wants to chat for sure

[9:05 PM] marymary: Adam, why are you so serious? Smile please)
[9:05 PM] Adam: ha, i'm working
[9:05 PM] Adam: or at least trying to
[9:05 PM] pricishinizzleblackbird: i hope i'll find someone who'll watch it with me

[9:07 PM] SergSlim: Will there be MFR booths at Russia and Poland shows? 
[9:08 PM] Lorenzo: not sure yet, I hope

[9:08 PM] Adam: well its gonna be a busy year so get ready!
[9:08 PM] Adam: here's my linkin park folder so far...
[9:08 PM] aravind221: woo show it adam
[9:08 PM] Lorenzo: haha
[9:08 PM] Lorenzo: getting thick
[9:09 PM] irene: first lorezno now adam ahhhhh hahahaha
[9:09 PM] aravind221: u guys r teasing us
[9:09 PM] Adam: i think i had 6 meetings about LP last week
[9:09 PM] Lorenzo: mine is thinner 
[9:09 PM] anvanoppens: troll times again
[9:09 PM] Lorenzo: haha
[9:09 PM] Lorenzo: no trolling zone

[9:08 PM] anvanoppens: any Werchter date on there adam?
[9:08 PM] anvanoppens: i need to shut up about werchter seriously

[9:10 PM] anvanoppens: LOL, adam, BOTH STD & NFG are coming to Groezrock in belgium xD
[9:10 PM] Adam: haha yeah i saw

[9:12 PM] Adam: alright well i gotta get to work
[9:12 PM] Adam: i'll see you guys later
[9:12 PM] Adam: seee yaaaaaaa

[9:15 PM] Lorenzo: we are up to 29!
[9:15 PM] Lorenzo: yess

[9:15 PM] SergSlim: Lorenzo, how many people have active membership in LPU now?
[9:15 PM] Lorenzo: don't know off the top of my head

[9:17 PM] SergSlim: So is LPU going to change tinychat to something else?  I think I read it somewhere.
[9:18 PM] Lorenzo: back
[9:18 PM] Lorenzo: let me catch up
[9:23 PM] Lorenzo: new chat platform is going to be awesome
[9:23 PM] Lorenzo: but Tiny chat will remain for Fan to Fan chat
[9:24 PM] SergSlim: Ok, thanks for answer
[9:24 PM] arsel: so there's gonna be a new platform for vid chats with the band and creW?
[9:24 PM] anvanoppens: please keep TC as a "stopping by unannounced chat from time to time" as well
[9:24 PM] Lorenzo: yeah TC will stay 
[9:24 PM] anvanoppens: i mean for mike's random chats for example
[9:24 PM] Lorenzo: but the new one will be for band, crew, staff chats, so i will use it too, and we will all test it soon -  Iphone / ipad / Android and HTML 5
[9:25 PM] SergSlim: I'm a software testing engineer, btw :)
[9:25 PM] blackchester: nice!
[9:25 PM] Lorenzo: thats awesome!
[9:26 PM] Lorenzo: we wil all test it soon

[9:26 PM] aravind221: lorenzo r u in absement or first floor
[9:26 PM] Lorenzo: neither
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Hah LOL @ those stupid fangirls :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That's why i'm not at lpu chats and shit..


I think the only person who was smart enough to ask Lorenzo and Adam about the tour was SergSlim. He got some interesting answers, like the lpu early entry in Wrocław probably won't have place due to golden circle early entry and this sucks balls...(they still have to figure it out so theres a chance)

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