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09.01.2014 - Las Vegas, NV, The Joint - Harman Launch

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For WHATEVER reason, someone posted a picture of Mike but was talking about Kyle Christener when he was wrong again and meant Scott Koziol, but that is NOT a bass that he is using.

This is a triple mistake.


I wonder how he knows Kyle's name, because even from reading about the band on Wikipedia nobody can mistake who's the bass player.

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why they keep playing New Divide is something I'll never understand

The fact that it's the second biggest single of the band's career MIGHT have something to do with that...


So the LPU Meetups event was taking place nearby when the band was playing, lol, OUCH.

LMFAO. Easily the biggest scheduling fail of the band's ENTIRE career. How the hell could management overlook something like that and/or think people wouldn't notice?! Total slap in the face to everyone in the Las Vegas area who dropped money on an LPU membership.

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Yep, they happened at the exact same time.


LPU Meetups started at 6:30 PM (check-in started at 6) and ended approx at 8:30 PM

According to the show pass the show started at 7 PM until 8 PM or so.


lol. Even with setting up the show on short notice they could have changed the time of the LPU Meetups and turned it into a HUGE surprise for everyone...

If I was there I would have flipped. The LPU event page even says that The Joint is in walking distance.


Just imagine you leave the meetups, walk around Vegas and you meet people that tell you that they just saw LP for free. Or just discovering all the show posts during the meetups when you are checking twitter.

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Yeah, I would be livid. This also brings up something I have been wanting to get off of my chest lately. It seems the LPU has been going downhill lately with LPU12 and LPU13. They were on a role with Adam back in like 2011 and early 2012, but after he left, it went downhill quick. It's a shame. LPU13 launched back in November and we have got NO new LPUTV, pics, etc. Also, I still have not received my LPU package and I was in the first 13 people to have ordered it because I got an email saying I will receive a signed poster from the band because of it. I have emailed Lorenzo (who just told me to email ground control or whatever) so I did and no reply, twice.

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2:18 somethings wrong with his voice. Just tired i guess.


Maybe he is saving his voice for the show tonight? Never heard him not screaming those parts.


Also, I really disagree with the way Pooch is mixing the guitars. Sometimes it's like he never even listened to albums. Mike's parts are so far down in the mix, they're almost not audible, which is a huge contrast to the mix on the studio version. He mixes it like Brad parts are lead parts, but I'll bet you that it would sound 10 times better if he mixed them equally. It would also give Chester a heavier foundation for his screams. Loud distorted guitars and screams just go well together. Anyway, I know he has been doing it this way for years, but it is just so evident in that video during Faint.

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Can't wait to see A Light That Never Comes performed by the full band. At least in the short instagram video, Brad was playing the guitar haha.


So pumped for tonight and tomorrow night shows!

sorry, for the bump;


but could you post a link to that ALTNC clip?

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