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Rob Bourdon Facebook Chat on Friday


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^ all of those questions would probably get a response like "anything's possible" or "we're working on some ideas now, so we'll see what happens". Lol those are valid questions I just wouldn't expect to come away with a definitive answer.

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I’ve caught a few of the questions from Rob’s FB chat but it’s really annoying to follow and wade through all the random crap!

How was it collaborating with Steve Aoki and the process of make such a mixed genre hit?

Rob: We had a great time collaborating with Steve Aoki and we were stoked that our schedules aligned so that we could work together in the studio, and also meet up in Tokyo and perform together. Not only is Steve a great musician but he is also a great guy which makes the process that much more fun. I hope to collaborate with him in the future.


Hi Rob! We already know the opinions from Mike and Chester about it.. So I'm interested to know yours..How would you describe the new material that the band is composing? Will you have a more active role in it?

Rob: Yes, we've been working on new music and I'm personally very excited about the direction of the new album. Its hard to tell exactly how its going to turn out at this time but we've been spending a lot of time together in the studio and I've done a lot of drumming over the last month. I would definitely say live drums have a more active role in what we are doing.


What's your favorite linkin park's song to play?

Rob: One of my favorite songs to play is Somewhere I belong. Second favorite is probably No More Sorrow, and I love playing Little Things Give You Away


Will you do a tour in Europe in 2014-15 ?

Rob: I think its very likely that we will tour Europe in 2014 but I cannot confirm 100%.


Hi Rob! how are you? i just wanna ask, how is Philippines now? does everything look better? i hope yes, but i need your explanation about it

Rob: Hi Saufika, I am good, thank you. People in the Philippines are still in great need of our help - over 11 million people have been affected and over 4 million people have been displaced by the Typhoon. We are still in the very beginning of the relief effort and the Philippines will require aid for a long period of time to fully recover.


Hi!! How are you? When are you coming back to the Philippines?

Rob: Thank you for your question. We were just in the Philippines and we had an amazing show in Manila. We had a chance to meet some of our fans and we all felt the kindness and generosity of the people there. That is just one of the reasons we are so passionate about raising funds and awareness for MFR to help everyone in need following the massive Typhoon. We look forward to playing more shows there in the future.


Hey Rob do you have any advice for apiring muscians

Rob: I think the most important advice I can give to a new musician is to find the inspiration that brings out your creativity. If you write and play music from that place, not only will you enjoy that process but you will also be able to connect with the people who hear your music. Also, you have to practice a lot. I spend a lot of time practicing and I know all the guys in my band do too.


How did you guys start Music For relief?

Rob: Following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami we were deeply moved by the magnitude of destruction we saw, especially since we had just toured in SE Asia. We wanted to do something to help the immediate and long term recovery so we planned a benefit concert and that effort became Music for Relief. Now almost a decade later we have responded to more than 20 disasters across 4 continents and we are more committed than ever to helping those most in need following natural disasters.


You guys are planning a Music For Relief Tour or something related besides next Show in The Joint for 2014?

Rob: Stay tuned to Musicforrelief.org for an upcoming announcement. There will be an exciting opportunity coming up for you guys to participate with Linkin Park and other musicians to raise funds.


What was your most memorable experience as a Linkin Park member.Did you ever think LP would ever become this famous?

Rob: There have been so many memorable events, that it is hard to pinpoint just one in particular. I always hoped that LP would become as successful as it has, but never imagined it getting to the level that it has today. We have so many amazing fans and have traveled to so many amazing cities around the world. Its been an incredible journey and I look forward to meeting more of our fans on our next tour. Performing with Paul McCartney and Jay-Z at the Grammy's was a pretty memorable one!



I really appreciate everyone taking the time to join me today (or night) to help support Music For Relief. You guys had some really great questions and I'm sorry I couldn't answer all of them. WE are very committed and passionate about raising money to support everyone in need in the Philippines, please continue to do what you can, either through making a donation or by sharing the fundraising page to help. Please click here http://www.crowdrise.com/musicforrelieftyphoonhaiyan to donate or start your own fundraiser, remember every dollar helps. Also, Steve Aoki is matching donations for his birthday. I look forward to seeing everyone during our next tour and I hope to meet as many of you as possible at an LPU meet & greet.

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