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Joe's Live Pictures (2007~)


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Does anyone remember back in 2007 when Joe would leave the stage to go down to the side of the stage/barrier to take pics of the LP stage on No More Sorrow? I believe it happened a few times in Europe 2007 at the festivals. Some of them were kind of in that "fisheye" lens I think. If he didn't take them all, then a crew member definitely took them because it was when LP was on stage but I was under the impression Joe was the one that took them.


He posted the pictures I think on JoeHahn.com. Archive.org isn't helping me so perhaps I have the wrong location. Anyone else have any idea?

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What would you do? That was pretty harsh.

MTM is the greatest album of all time. No More Sorrow is epic. Who cares if Joe didn't have way too much to do during the songs. He actually did a lot for the other songs on MTM, just a lot of the guitar and drums driven songs, he didn't do as much. But this is obvious. He said in 2003 that 40% of the music or so if scratching. That is less than half of the music. He said the other 60% is him bobbing his head up and down. I'm sure if he had that big of an issue with the direction on MTM, he would have spoken up or called it quits, but obviously he wouldn't. The band wanted to go in that direction, he is part of the band, so I am almost positive he supported it fully.

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LPA: On Minutes To Midnight, to some fans you seem to appear less prominently on many of the album's songs, than in comparison to older Linkin Park records. Would you say this was this a conscious decision you and the band made during recording, or would it happen to be something that played out in the way the songs were generated in the studio?


Joe: I did a lot of scratching that Mike and Brad muted out. But aside from that, on this album, everyone in the band was working on everything. We weren't limited to our respected instruments. Every song on the album had a different approach to how it was written. One of the main focuses for me was to nail sounds down by re-amping, resampling, and pushing the dynamic of range with the sounds.


Mike response: Actually, I wasn't in the practice of muting any of Joe's scratches. I don't know who did it, but I was working full-time on vocals at that point, so don't blame me, Mr. Hahn =) Maybe we'll have to put the detectives out on this one. But I did mute his singing vocals, because those simply sucked huevos.


And yes he did leave the stage on No More Sorrow, TLTGYA and PMA piano in 2007. The rest of the band left on PMA piano though and I think Phoenix left temporarily on LOATR. I believe that's right but I might be wrong. In 2012+ Joe uses Given Up take his pics. But he did go to the barrier between the stage/crowd to take pics on NMS in 2007 lol. Surely a fansite has them archived somewhere. I'll ask MSC.

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It's funny because in the making of MTM shown in Theaters, Mike actually showed each band member's vocals for HHH during the chorus but he refused to show us Joe's because he said he would kill him. I would love to be able to watch that documentary again, wtf.

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